Wiccans are very accepting of many life styles.“In Pagan religions sexuality is revered as both a normal and desirable part of life, and as an important manifestation of Divine energy. Sexuality is seen as a source of strength rather than weakness, an important aspect of self-acceptance and spiritual integration.
Acceptance of sexuality exalts both genders, especially the female as the bearer of life. Indeed, the acceptance of sexuality is the acceptance of life as a good and holy state,
In most Pagan religions the union of Goddess and God, Spirit and Matter, Yin and Yang, is a central element of the religion, and this is normally portrayed in terms of romantic/sexual union. This is described as the Divine Marriage, or HIEROGAMOS, and it figures in Pagan thought at a number of levels including the cosmic level where the union of Goddess and God creates and sustains the Universe, and the personal level where the union of Spirit and Matter, and the interaction between them, holds the key to personal spiritual growth. This is the nature of the AL-CHEMICAL MARRIAGE, the Wiccan Great Rite, and a host of other traditions which depict the union of the Lower (physical) Self with the Higher (spiritual) Self in sexual terms, and which identify this internal process and the individual with the cosmic forces.

The Pagan religions on the other hand view the body as being good and holy, a perfect creation of Deity and a beautiful home for the soul. The body is an emanation of the soul, not unlike a snail’s shell –it takes its form from the characteristics and experiences of the soul, which is one reason why physiognomy works as it does. Like the soul it emanates from, the body is a reflection of Deity and of the Divine Plan –it is therefore itself a key to spiritual growth and cosmic understanding. As to sexuality, it is an expression of love and joy which is meant to uplift and en-rich the soul. The expression of sexuality is neither damaging nor polluting, but rather is a holy thing –a normal and natural part of life as well as an expression of the Divine love of Goddess and God in microcosm.

Because of this fundamental difference in view sexuality holds an honored role in Wiccan culture. The exact nature of that role varies widely however, from one Tradition to another. Some Wiccan Traditions are highly sexual in their practices, others almost prudish. This is because the different Wiccan Traditions began at different times and in different places, and often have very different backgrounds. In the past they were united by being predominantly hereditary traditions with a Pagan theological base and a number of shared customs. Until Gardner many of what would today be considered Wiccan Traditions did not necessarily recognize each other as kin: and indeed, many refuse to do so even today, leading to all manner of argument and controversy over who is and is not Wiccan and what Wiccan is. These arguments greatly damage the Wiccan community both internally and externally, but they continue because too often the Wiccan leadership are concerned only about personal power or the power of their own Tradition:

Love (and also passion) is a function of the soul, while reproduction is a function of the body. The soul is neither male nor female, and has many lifetimes as both during its long existence. Consequently each individual has elements of both polarities within them: within the Yin there is always some Yang, within the Yang there is always some Yin. These are balanced differently in different people, and so must be allowed differing expressions. If there is a sexual ideal it would be bisexuality, as this would be the full expression of the soul’s range -however ideals are part of the world of ideas: in the world of reality each person must express their sexuality as they feel is appropriate to them.

Because of this outlook we have no problem as a Tradition with issues of sexual orientation or gender identification. We support same sex marriage. We are OK with polyamory and open marriage -these are all matters of individual choice. They are right for some people, not right for others: but they are not harming anyone so do as you will, so to speak.”