It was hard to keep a job when my illness ‘broke out’ so to speak.  It came via a couple of mental breakdowns.  At first I was only diagnosed with Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Major Depressive Disorder, then when they found my case for Disability, I had had a second stay at the mental hospital and they’ve since categorized me as bipolar I and PTSD.  Not that any of this really matters, it seems like they’ve got me on enough medication to cover just about any mental problem. LOL. Seriously, I take zoloft, clonozapam, risperdal, effexorXR, and Suboxone which is a maintenence drug for opiate addiction which got worse when I broke my ankle 2 years ago. Currently I’ve been in great standing at the doctors, done all my drug tests, see a psychiatrist about once a month for maintenence therapy.  Sometimes we have to make a small adjustment now and then.  Finally after about 6 years of rockiness, things are begining to settle down.  I guess I should be grateful.