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Peace to the World and not just to particular nations.


Wise & Dumb


According to an ancient Andromedean The question was asked. Why do you have
to pay to live on a planet you were born on?


Judging somebody is a wasted opportunity!


Columbus never did discover America, It was always here!


When you are alone in the forest at night, you really aren’t alone!


Most people won’t know anything beyond what they see with their own two


Those who vote, “Decide Nothing” Those who count the vote, “Decide


Ruling out the existence of aliens would be like “putting limits” on God’s
creative freedom!









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You might want to listen to these audio interviews. They are interviews done
by Bill and Kerry from Project Camelot.

Bad news if this is true.

They called a number of witnesses including David Wilcock, Michael St.Clair
and Rebecca Jernigan. David and Michael both felt that the events seen by
Deagle would not transpire. Rebecca, however, told them that Deagle’s
visions had been seen by herself also.

Dr Bill Deagle 46:19

Rebecca Jernigan 1 8:52

Rebecca Jernigan 2 10:20

David Wilcock 01:12:45

Circle that David talks about in this audio clip.

According to the WebBot Guys, George Ure and Cliff High, They say that all
this should start on the 7th of October. Well, they also have a time posted
on their website. This time is 07:10 UTC. That is equal to 00:10 am Pacific
time on the 7th of October.

Your Physical Reality Is Only A Mere illusion

The New World Order IS an Alien Agenda

My trip out to the desert.

Question Everything


This site can cause severe reality changes. Enlightenment and information
designed to open your mind to the real world around you can cause you to
wake up from a deep big media and big government sleep that you have been
lulled into. “Note: it is not your fault” Taking doses of this site in
moderation will revive your mind and can cause you to wake up. Driving while
looking at the new world that you will become familiar with, can be a
hazard. Use extreme caution while observing SHEEP as they continue with
their daily lives, while keeping their blinders on. This new world that you
will become familiar with can be distracting as you drive, walk, talk, shop,
and everything else you do in your daily life. If you can’t handle this dose
of truth or don’t want to know the truth, Please
Click Here to return to your world.

Chuck Baldwin

or-president/> Ron Paul endorses Chuck Baldwin for president

A New Alliance – By Dr.
Ron Paul

I will respect Ron Paul’s endorsement.

ina.html> U.S. Ships 800 Billion “AMEROS” to China; prepares to De-Monetize
U.S. Dollar

Blossom Goodchild clarifies October 14th UFO appearance.

For those of you that don’t know what 2000 miles looks like. Just look at
the following photo.

click photos to enlarge.

Now then, Dr. Richard Boylan is saying that if this does show up in our
skies, that it will be a Cabal Deception. If this does happen or take place
as Miss Goodchild says, then it is a very big Deception. Bigger than anybody
on this planet could pull off.

Lets see,
President Bush stated: “Either you are with us, or you are with the
terrorists”. In his own words, he said. If you don’t do what we say and
agree with our decisions (that we don’t get to vote on, since it is done
behind closed doors), You are enemies of the USA. Communism in your face.
Words from a dictator wana-be. The phrase “you’re either with us, or against
us” is commonly used to polarize situations and force an audience to either
become allies or to accept the consequences as being deemed an enemy.

Welcome to the United States Of America without the Constitution attached.

The more I think about this, the madder I get.

If you are a Constitutionalist, You are a Terrorist.

Cheapest gas where I live is $3.91/9 or in other words. $3.92 a gallon.
I wish they would just drop that 9 and tell it like it is. Just another
deceptive illusion.

Jay Weidner 2012 Whitley Strieber A Bigfoot Shooting Ancient Knowledge &
Technology Ancient Wisdom & Science Apollo Android Approaching
Catastrophes Bigfoot Search Col. Corso Cryptozoological Creatures David
Adair David Icke Global Conspiracy David Icke David Wilcock Vids
Depopulation and the Pleiadians Dr Michio Kaku Dr. Steven Greer EBE Linda
Moulton Howe Fixing NASA Hoagland & Johnston John Lear Moon Secrets
Revealed JOHN LEAR “NEW VIDEO” April 2008 James Gilliland John Anthony
West Michael Cremo Forbidden Archeology Michael Horn – re: Billy Meier
Michael “Mad Man” Marcum NASA’s Deceptions Need to Know Non-Physical
Realms Power of the Crystal Skulls Psi Spies: Jim Marrs Reptoids John
Rhodes Return to Roswell Roswell Revelations Secrets of Coral Castle
Secret Societies Secret Space Programs Skinwalker Ranch Stargates The
Sixth Sense The Tesla Conspiracy The Growing Earth The Tall White ET’s
Travis Walton Tower Ruins on the Moon UFOs & Parallel Realities UFO
Secrecy UFO Special UFO Shootdowns Underwater & Underground William
Buhlman —- VIDEO FILES —- Alex Collier…..The webmaster likes Alex
America: From Freedom to Fascism Aaron Russo David Icke – Freedom or
Fascism EndGame with Alex Jones Jaime Maussan – UFO Conference 2005
Jordan Maxwell Exposes The Illuminati Outfoxed Rupert Murdoch’s War on
Journalism Project Camelot interviews George Green RFID IS HERE! The Case
For NASA UFO’s David Sereda The Disclosure Project The End of America by
Naomi Wolf The Secret KGB UFO Abduction Files The Pleiadian Mission The
Roswell Incident The Shadows In The Cave UFO’s Angels and God (s) UFO
lecture by Philip Schneider USO’s Underwater UFOs Proof Beyond Doubt
William Cooper – UFO-Alien-JFK Vaccines containing Cancer causing viruses
—- YOUTUBE PLAYLIST —- 2012 and Planet X Informant clampdowns Alex
Jones 4-3-08 Alex Jones with George Noory Alien Encounters With host
Rollye James Andromedan Contactee Alex Collier Astral Travel OBE’s
Biblical Prophecy in 2008 Brain Training and Alpha Waves Corsi Commentary
Dr. Jaysen Q. Rand Economic Meltdown ET & UFO Secrets Evolution & The
Mayan Calendar Giants: Mystery and the Myth Inside the Illuminati with
Svali Jim Sparks John Titor & Time Travel Joseph P. Farrell 4-3-08 Linda
Moulton Howe Lizard Man, Reptoids, & Mutilations Mels Hole Mels Hole 1997
The Original Broadcast Planet X and Sumerian Tales Richard Dolan UFO
Expert on 911 Road to Ascension David Wilcock Ron Paul on C2C Sodom &
Gomorrah Steve Quayle Steven Greer & Art Bell Texas UFO Update The
Disclosure Project The Peggy Kane Interview The Stephenville UFO Sighting
UFO Propulsion, Tesla, & Electrotherapy Visitors from Altimar World at
Break Point

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other scripts for you to use too. The Mayan count down and few other

“NOTE” If you click the you
can download these videos. Help spread the truth. Not all these videos or
audios have anything to do with Freedom and the NWO, but none the less, they
have been requested for information gathering for their own purposes. All
videos and audio files are posted under the Fair Use…

Any Time I add a new audio file, I will add it to the “New UpLoads” Folder!
and to the folder it belongs too. If you can’t get it to play, it means that
it is still uploading and will be available when it is done uploading.

Doctors & The Transition

If you have been experiencing things such as: Dizziness, Heart Palpitations,
High Blood Pressure, Joint Aches and Pains, Muscle Aches and Pains and
Depression only to have a doctor to tell you that nothing is wrong with you.
Then you should listen to “Lost Knowledge, Past Lives & ET’s”. You just
might find an answer to some of your problems as I have. Look in the George
Noory file under C2C The answer starts at about 60 minutes.

In the audio files under “The Secretes Of The Mojave” you will hear a word
“Note”. That “Note” does not end till you hear the word “Branton” Those are
Branton’s notes. This audio file is a book done with an electronic voice. It
takes 6 hours to do one chapter. So it will take time to do the whole book.
There is only 4 out of 13 chapters posted as of this moment…

Fair Use Notice

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Art by David Dees –


500,000 Coffins??? Why in the middle of Georgia?

Rex 84: FEMA’s
Blueprint for Martial Law in America

U.N. tax
could come from bill. “Grab your ankles” if you vote for Obama

A nice-sounding bill called the Global Poverty Act, sponsored by Sen. Barack
Obama, could result in the imposition of a global tax on the United States.
The bill makes levels of U.S. foreign-aid spending subservient to the
dictates of the United Nations as set forth in the U.N. Millennium

In addition to seeking to eradicate poverty, that declaration commits
nations to banning “small arms and light weapons” and ratifying a series of
treaties, including the International Criminal Court Treaty, the Kyoto
Protocol (global warming treaty), the Convention on Biological Diversity,
the Convention on the Elimination of All Forms of Discrimination Against
Women and the Convention on the Rights of the Child.

The man who wants to be president doesn’t think Americans can run their own
affairs without the United Nations. Once the U.N. can tax Americans, we will
need those small arms and light weapons to once again assert our

C.J. Welle

Senate Bill S.1959 to Criminalize
Thoughts, Blogs, Books and Free Speech Across America

Why are these Georgia Guide Stones still sanding?

The Georgia Guide Stones

Call and voice your opinion to the people who let these stones stand. I
guess they don’t care what the agenda is of the Illuminati. Either that or
they are in cahoots with them. For those of you who do not know what the
Georgia Guide Stones are, I suggest you do some research.

City of Elberton
203 Elbert St.
Elberton, GA 30635


Gold and Silver:

All these commercials and advocates for buying gold and silver. This really
bothers me. Lets say you have gold and silver and that the dollar does
disappear and we are now in a cashless society which will happen. What are
you going to do? Go in and trade your precious metal in on a CHIP? Or an
electronic card that will allow these communist thugs to know where you are
and what you are buying? What good is gold or silver going to do you when
you can’t even use it in the mainstream society? It will at that time be
street level bartering where goods and or services will be the money system.
You might be able to find someone who belongs to this chipped or monitored
population that might trade your gold or silver for some food and who knows,
they might even turn you in at the same time. Gold and Silver? Not me, I
would rather trade off the grid with food, for food, Services for services
or any mixture there of. I think this gold and silver thing is just another
scam that will only get you into trouble down the road.

As pointed out to me, and I guess I can agree. I wouldn’t hurt to have gold
or silver. If you have it, Keep it. If you can actually afford it, buy it.
But as for me, my money is invested in food and supplies. Where I am going,
I won’t have a need for gold or silver. If I do need it, I can always pan
for it as I have all the gear for doing this. I guess I am more of the mind
to live off of the land. Plant food and eat what nature provides. If I make
it to 2012, what better way to enter this year then being one with nature
and away from the chaos of the cities.

In the words of the FCC…

On February 17, 2009 all full-power broadcast television stations in the
United States will stop broadcasting on analog airwaves and begin
broadcasting only in digital. Digital broadcasting will allow stations to
offer improved picture and sound quality and additional channels.

Clearer pictures? Better sound quality? Additional Channels?

Why move us off of UHF/VHF?

What concern is our viewing entertainment to the Government?

Just more federal regulations on how THEY want YOU to live to control you.
What is it about DIGITAL sound and DIGITAL pictures that prompted this move?
Surely not to give us you better entertainment. There is some other reason
for this.

And nobody is questioning this at all. Conspiracy? You be the judge!

Direct TV

Last week, I gave up my satellite and yesterday (9-7-08) I gave away my TV.
I am done with anything to do with mainstream media. Stay away from Direct
TV. If you have a problem with your digital box, they will gladly replace it
for you. Keep this in mind. Without a word from them, they renew your
contract from that date. If you only had six months left on your contract,
well, it is renewed the date you had THEIR broken box replace. They will not
say one word about this to you… And I think the problem I had with my box
was a software problem that THEY generated so that I would have to replace
my box. Just another scam probably written into the contract in the fine
print that requires a magnifying glass in order for you to read way down at
the bottom…

I don’t know why, but I never really gave much thought to the number 11. For
the past month, I keep seeing a repetitive sequence of numbers. 11, 1:11,
11:11 Am I the only one? 12-21-2012 adds up to 11

Update: 9-4-08 Over the past two weeks, these sets of numbers have spilled
over into all the numbers. Always doubles, triples or quads. Basically with
digital clocks. The other day I went to the doctors office and I looked down
at my trip meter and it said 211 miles, I then looked over at my clock,
(which I don’t normally do) and it said 2:11. But the doubles always happen
at least two times a day, but mostly more than two times a day.

Clouds Move Across Mars

Right off of the JPL website.

The original GIF 4 Frames of the original GIF. Yes, there are specks
on most of the photos, but this object seems to be solid to me.


Original Caption Released with Image:

This sequence combines 32 images of clouds moving eastward across a Martian
horizon. The Surface Stereo Imager on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander took this
set of images on Sept. 18, 2008, during early afternoon hours of the 113th
Martian day of the mission.

The view is toward the north. The actual elapsed time between the first
image and the last image is nearly half an hour. The numbers inset at lower
left are the elapsed time, in seconds, after the first image of the
sequence. The particles in the clouds are water-ice, as in cirrus clouds on

Phoenix landed in the northern region of Mars on May 25, 2008. The mission
is led by the University of Arizona, Tucson, on behalf of NASA. Project
management of the mission is led by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
Pasadena, Calif. Spacecraft development was by Lockheed Martin Space
Systems, Denver.

Image Credit:

NASA/JPL-Caltech/University of Arizona/ Texas A&M University

The Radio Show: War of the worlds

I hear time and time again this argument. We, the people of the world are
not told about UFO’s and Aliens because of the radio show, War Of The Worlds
that aired on the east coast. As a result of this show, it was determined
that we can not handle the truth. Their argument is that we would grab our
guns and go do battle. Well, The one thing that I don’t ever hear is this.
War of the worlds was a hostile invasion. War of the worlds in no way
depicted an alien race coming here in peace. They were here to destroy. So
this evaluation that was done due to the reaction of this ONE radio show is
just another lie they tell in order to keep us in the dark about the forces
that are out there in space and what is right here among us. Kind of an
unfair evaluation if you ask me. I hear it on Coast, I hear it on other
radio shows. But they NEVER bring up the fact that this was a hostile act of
intrusion into our world and not a peaceful intrusion. I would be willing to
bet that had the Orson Wells broadcast been done in a manner of peace rather
then one of hostility, that those who did not know it was a radio show and
not an actual event, that they would have been loading up the kids and
headed out to see these aliens rather than grabbing their guns to go out and
do battle.

Just something I wanted to point out.


Ok, With much thought and the lack of time for us humans on this planet in
peril, caused by the hands of those that mean us harm by human
de-population, (THE ILLUMINATI and OTHERS (you know who you are) ) I must
hail the first good extraterrestrials that read this message. I am really
fed up with all of this contention that is taking place on this blind
shallow world that we live in. I am ready to join the galactic community.
However, I am not the only one who is in the position of being un-easy about
future events. Tic-Toc. I am tired of waiting and am ready to be retrieved
from this planet and taken a very long way away from here where people love
one another and where people actually get along with each other. I don’t
care what kind of humanoid beings your are or what you look like. When I say
people, I mean you too Mr. and Mrs./Miss Alien/ET/Extraterrestrial. You are
a person in my eyes so long as you do no harm to anybody of any galactic
origin or species. I am putting this message here as I know it will be
bounced off of a satellite and hopefully right into your compassion for the
greater galactic humanity. The only thing I ask is that you enter through
the front door and not the walls when you come to get me and the others that
are fed up with what is going on in this world that we live in. I would
prefer being picked up by the Pleiadians/Nordic’s or the Tall Whites. As for
you Grays and Reptilians, You will have to call first and leave a message. I
might call you back. NOT.

I must also say this to you ET’s. I don’t know how you have put up with what
our shadow government has done to you. They shoot you down any chance they
get. They lock you up and hold you captive until you are either near death
or dead without concern for who or what you are and yet you have not
obliterated us due to their intolerance of you. I commend you for this as
this proves you are better at compassion then we are.

I have to say this about this video clip. I did not believe it when I saw it
on YouTube. So I ordered this movie just so I could prove it was a hoax. I
just received this video today, 4-22-08 and to my surprise, this is not a
hoax. it is as real as it gets. This movie was made back in 1950 and those
are real UFO’s in the background behind John Wayne’s head on the upper left
side of this screen. For those of you that do not believe in UFO’s, I
suggest that you purchase this video for yourself and you will then know the
truth. At 1 hour 14 minutes and 19 seconds into the movie is when you can
see them. There are two of them. Below is a photo from where they first
appear in the movie and below that is the posted clip. You will see the UFO
between/behind the tree and the Mountain.

You can go to full screen on this video if you want a closer look. Kind of
grainy though.

Giant UFO in Yukon Territory, 1996

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Definition of alien

1. Not belonging to the same country, land, or government, or to the
citizens or subjects thereof; foreign; as, alien subjects, enemies,
property, shores.

2. Wholly different in nature; foreign; adverse; inconsistent (with);
incongruous; — followed by from or sometimes by to; as, principles alien
from our religion.

3. A foreigner; one owing allegiance, or belonging, to another country; a
foreign-born resident of a country in which he does not possess the
privileges of a citizen. Hence, a stranger. See Alienage.

“I think that the term Black or Shadow Government also Applies”

Definition of deceptions

1. Deception is the act of convincing another to believe information that is
not true, or not the whole truth as in certain types of half-truths.

2. Deception involves concepts like propaganda, distraction and/or
concealment. Fiction, while sometimes manipulative, is not a deception
unless it is portrayed as the whole truth.

3. In many cases it is difficult to distinguish deception from providing
unintentionally wrong information. One of the reasons for this is that a
person or an entire organization may be self-deceived.

“I think that the term Black or Shadow Government also Applies”


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News Bulletins!

&articleId=7980> Pentagon: The internet needs to be dealt with as if it were
an enemy “weapons system”.

Insane NY Bill Makes All
Federal Vaccines Mandatory

&nl=fix> Free Tibet? Hell, free America!

NZ fishermen land
colossal squid

first crop circle of 2008 is here!

Will Bush Cancel The 2008

Pharaoh’s chariots found in Red Sea?

Bush Signs Bill To
Take All Newborns’ DNA

ml> Man arrested for turning without signaling

/2008 2:23:00 PM> Iran the most powerful, says Ahmadinejad

i.htm> Bush Arms Buildup, Rivals Hitler and Stalin

> Banks face ‘New World Order’ Consolidation

oref=slogin> Duck and Cover: It’s the New Survivalism

Neocons ADMIT
that “War On Terror” Is a Hoax

Bush speaks on the
possibility of another 9/11

Nuclear Fueled Explosion
Reported In US Midwest

Global Rioting
Potential? The looming meltdown.

Oil prices up after news
that a US ship fired on boats

brainwashing our children about global warming

e_iran_1> Iran rejects nuclear inspections unless Israel allows them

Food Rationing Confronts
Breadbasket of the World

Submachine Gun-Toting Cops To Patrol NYC Subways

Meltdown of U.S. Dollar Underway
as China Dumps the Currency

FBI Fears Chinese
Hackers Have Back Door Into US Government & Military

Most sweeping changes since Great
Depression Proposal will give the Federal Reserve new regulatory power

Iranians kill US soldiers (Looks like the US Govt. is bent on more war.)


OutOfFood.aspx> Could we really run out of food?

What Chemtrails Really Are

Unseen Photos of
Bohemian Grove Found

What a bunch of FREAKS and this still goes on and they run our world! Open
your eyes people. Wake up and lets put a stop to this.

Naomi Wolf

The end of America


heard on the Alex Jones Show, Click here to listen.