Wooden Pendulum Boards

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Example - Wooden Pendulum Boards

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          The pendulum board is a basic tool of divination that has been used by witches for longer than history records.  Wooden pendulum boards are the first and most ancient of the "talking boards" so popularized by the board game industry in the last 60 years.  This particular talking board is used in conjunction with a pendulum, a crystal or other pointed weight attached to a rope or chain which one then dangles over the center of the board in order to divine the answers to questions.  The answer to the question will depend upon which way the pendulum begins to swing.

          Though the pendulum board has come back into popularity amongst occultists and gamers alike enough so that many are mass-produced and readily available, like any mass-produced item these boards are severely lacking.  The popular board of today is used to divine a yes or no question only, and usually consist of a symbol in the center surrounded by the words "yes," "no," "maybe," and "DWA" (don’t want to answer).  This is not the way the ancient boards were constructed, and lacks versatility as well as elegance and magickal significance.

          As you can see from the picture above, our wooden pendulum boards do not contain words at all, but instead bear six magickal symbols within the framework of a pentacle.  The symbol that your pendulum gravitates toward will help you interpret the answer to your questions or feelings, and will help you with a scope of matters far greater than a yes or no question.  

The symbols on this board are listed below:

Triple Moon Symbol for wooden pendulum boards

The Triple Moon

The triple moon is a symbol of the Goddess, for it is through Her intuition that divination is granted.

Sun Symbol for wooden pendulum boards

The Sun

The sun is the symbol of all things positive, and has always been used in divination to mean "yes" if a question was not related to a choice between two courses of action ("will it rain tomorrow?" for instance), and as a positive sign if not divining for an answer to a specific question.

Jupiter Symbol for wooden pendulum boards


Jupiter is also a positive sign and represents affluence, wealth, good luck, and general freedom from cares.  If a question is yes or no and related to choosing between two courses of action ("should I drive tomorrow?" for instance), this is a sign for "yes."  If not divining for the answer to a question, Jupiter can be taken as a positive sign, possible wealth, and clearing of obstacles.

Saturn symbol for wooden pendulum boards


Saturn is a negative sign when divining.  It can be taken as a "no" answer if appropriate, or a general slowing of resources, creation of obstacles, and sometimes misfortune.

Pertho rune for wooden pendulum boards

Pertho Rune

The pertho rune has been called by many the "dice cup," since it deals with fate and luck.  If a question was asked, this sign may indicate that the answer could be either way, or something not even considered.  If no question was asked, this sign could mean great change, either positive or negative in nature.

Pentagram for wooden pendulum boards


The pentagram, or five pointed star, has long been a symbol of the wild rose.  In Celtic lore, the wild rose and pentagram both stood for secrecy.  Getting this sign in divination indicates that the answer may not be able to be, or should not be, divined.  One should use their own judgment in the matter at hand.