Three UFO low fly reports over IN, CA, VT

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Indiana UFO witness captured this image on March 19, 2009.

Three low flying UFOs were spotted over Indiana, California and Vermont on March 19 – and a fire ball-looking image showed up on a young woman’s Utah mountain photography.

Lights in a triangular shape were witnessed over Michigan City, Indiana. The object hovered while the man struggled to get his camera to capture the event and he finally snapped one shot as it moved out of sight.

A California sighting is described by a witness as looking like an  "upside-down shiny metal plate." The object finally "shot away."

In South Burlington, Vermont, a witness watched a "distinct circle of yellow light" make an "extremely fast trajectory towards the ground." Just down the road he observed "about a dozen police cars pulled off the road into a field with all lights off" from several different surrounding towns.

The following reports have not yet been investigated and are unedited from the MUFON database. We will report back on any MUFON investigation.

Indiana, March 19, 2009 – Hovering strobing triangle for around 1 min then left at amazing speed.

I was on my way to work 3/19/09. At 6:20 AM I looked North from CO RD 400W where I was traveling West. I saw a pattern of lights blinking in a triangle shape, accenting the corners.

It looked as if it was blinking 10 times at each point for 3 seconds.

The light moved in a clock wise blink pattern following the corners. The object looked stationary in a hover. I knew it was nothing I had ever seen before. The distance was what I precieved to be over Lake Michigan to the North at least 10 miles from where I was. My guess on altitude was in the 5,000-10,000′ range.

I grabbed my Camrea phone immediately and started to get the camera started 1.3 Mega pixel, it’s a T mobile phone. I opened the moon roof on my SUV and started taking pics and saving them as fast as I could… I could not get the lights strobing on 3 attempts.

The 4th attempt I was successful in capturing the object, as it light brightly white and speed upward at an angle. I was 100′ short of the intersection of 400W and Cleveland Road in Michigan City, IN. (See attached picture).

California, March 19, 2009 – shiny flat disc shaped object flying low over neighborhood

I was driving down Fremont Blvd., heading toward Irvington District from Automall Parkway. I had just turned onto Fremont Blvd. when I noticed something shiny with red on it low in the sky off to my left.

At first I thought it was a low-flying helicopter coming towards Automall, until I realized that it wasn’t shaped like a helicopter. Also, it seemed to be too low for a helicopter since the freeway was a bit further off to the right (east) than the location of this object. Then I thought it might be a really big remote-control toy.

As I paid closer attention, I noticed that the object was actually flat-shaped. More like an upside-down shiny metal plate. And it was REALLY shiny. The sun was glaring off of it. As I watched, it curved further to the left, towards me, over the neighborhood, and then it started to go away from my location, heading north/northwest. Before I could determine anything, it had shot away and was not even discernible in the sky. It went from flying away to being far away in just a few seconds.
It was hard to keep track of it, as I was also trying to drive down Fremont Blvd. I couldn’t spot it in the sky at all once it took off, though a few seconds later I saw a commercial airplane go over from the east, heading west/northwest, as I was scouring the sky. The airplane looked NOTHING like what I had seen, other than it also had some red on it. And it was flying in the sky. Other than that, it was very different from the object I had seen only moments before. I still don’t know quite what to make of it! It wasn’t until a few seconds after it had disappeared that I felt any real reaction to what I’d seen. My mind kept trying to make sense of this very odd object in the sky. It flew low, though, so as it went away, tree tops and closer buildings obstructed any further view I might have had.

Vermont, March 19, 2009 – Distinct circle of yellow light moving fast towards ground like crashing plane – followed by strange police presence

Time is roughly 8:50pm. Location, So Burlington, Vermont. I was on I-89 North between the South Burlington and first Winooski Exit. Out of the top corner of my eye i picked up a dark yellowish round source of light moving in an extremely fast trajectory towards the ground.

There is very little light on the highway so you can see the sky quite clearly against the dark background. I was heading North, having just passed the airport within 2 miles to my right. At first my instinct said plane crashing into the ground with great speed but for the life of me i could not see any explosion or impact. I was literally leaning over my steering wheel eyes wide open waiting for a huge explosion.

Next thought was shooting start but this wasn’t a line of light, it was a distinct ball or deep yellow that moved rapidly into the horizon from a 45*ish angle from the top right of my view to the bottom center and then gone. I was so thrown by this that i pulled off after the exit and looked up into the sky for a minute, but had trouble seeing because of the streetlights.

A mile from this spot moving east was about a dozen police cars pulled off the road into a field with all lights off. They were from various local towns, and i could not see anyone walking around. This is a very clear area with little light so it is a good location to see the skies around you. I honestly couldn’t understand what so many police were doing this late at night at such an awkward location having driven up off the asphalt onto the grass of the field to make room for all the squad cars.

The other thing that really confused me was that there wasn’t a single light on any of the cars, nor on inside the cars. I drive this route home almost every night at the same time and have never seen any cars off the side of the road in this fashion.

There is a Military base roughly 1 mile from where the squad cars were piled together if it is of any added connection. As i passed this base another Essex Police car came by me with flashing blue lights on the opposite side of the road, seeming to slow and turn off lights in the vacinity of the other police cars.

I have never reported anything like this before in my life, but have never felt so bewildered by an event such as what i witnessed tonight. I hope my documentation is of use to anyone else in the area that shared an experience tonight.

Utah, March 5, 2009 – While driving west

My daughter was going from Omaha to L.A. and somewhere between Saint George utah and Misquette Nev. she was awed by the mountains and stuck her hand out the window and snapped 2 photos.

She said she didn’t see the object while driving, but when she looked back at the pictures the object was there.

She was using a digital camera. Odd!

UFO Examiner: Three UFO low fly reports over IN, CA, VT