February 2009– I am a contactee. I receive constant downloads regarding my home planet and a lot of other unbelievably hard to explain things that I believe I have to transmit, translate and decode. Here is what I channeled: I believe that when water stores consciousness it must have information that can only be visible when the brain hemispheres, left and right synchronize. So we know that only happens in altered states of consciousness. So I had an idea how to make that visible for those that have never been there.
I use water color and drop it in the water. To make the channel divine I play classical music to the water so the spirits will be delighted to show themselves to me. My hands vibrate mildly as I reach the state then the drop hits the water in an aquarium lit from behind so more depth of field is created to show more dimensions.
Then, as the color unfolds in the water on the way down I take pictures with a 12 mp cam to get high def results in the macro field. Then I pick a point where I reflect the image. The outcome blew me away. Mind you I did not paint these pictures, this how the water colours responded by themselves. You can meditate with these images they will change your visual perception. Below is the image I titled ‘Light Activation.’
–Arcturus RA