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UFO technology might shield against ‘solar storm’

April 4, 10:27 PM · 6 comments

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UFO technology might provide the best shield for Earth against a devastating solar storm. The potential death of millions of Americans alone from severe space weather was predicted in the March 23, 2009 New Scientist article, Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe”. This kind of electromagnetic storm could happen as early as 2012. It would likely be catastrophic for the major power grids and everything connected to them.

One way to prevent this catastrophe might be found in technologies used by extraterrestrial vehicles (UFOs). These vehicles are assumed to use zero point energy and other advanced technologies. These technologies are known to draw unlimited free energy from the quantum vacuum. By drawing from the quantum vacuum, they might also be super-conductive.

A unique feature of super-conductive materials is called the Meissner Effect. “The Meissner effect (also known as the Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect) is the expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor.” – Wikepedia.  It can also can be seen at work in ’levitation’ (see second photo), which might also come into play with UFOs.

The Meissner effect is known to occur at super-cooled levels. But ‘room temperature’ superconductors are being developed. This means the Meissner effect might also occur with room temperature super-conducting materials used in advanced clean energy technologies. The combination of the Meissner effect with these special materials and the clean energy devices using them, might be the ultimate key to protecting Earth against a devastating solar storm by expulsion of the magnetic interference.

Whistleblowers with the Disclosure Project have already confirmed the existence of zero point energy technology that has been back-engineered from crashed UFOs. The technology, they say, is being kept from the public by the military and by government contractors. One of the main goals of the X-Conference 2009 is to compel government officials to release UFO ‘X-files’ on energy technologies of extraterrestrial origin. The conference will be held at the Gaithersburg, MD Hilton from April 17-19.

It does not matter if the super-conducting materials and clean energy technologies come from humans, like Tesla, or extraterrestrials. Projects are already underway to bring these technologies to market within 1-3 years. This could happen even under normal circumstances with adequate funding. But if the projects are fast-tracked and on a scale that America uses for war, the technologies could reach the market within months.

A couple of related articles (below) have referred to this prediction of global catastrophe by suggesting the immediate development and application of advanced clean energy technologies. They propose that these technologies can supply energy to buildings without connecting to major power grids. But getting “off-the-grid” is only part of the solution.

Clean energy supplied by wind and solar through the major power grids would be as vulnerable to disruption by a solar storm as energy based on dirty fossil fuels or nuclear power. Even renewable energy sources that are “off-the-grid” and serving individual buildings would not be immune to disruption.

Time is of the essence. The immediate objective should be to apply the Meissner effect to zero point energy technologies using room temperature super-conducting materials. The benefit of this kind of global clean energy revolution might just save the planet during a massive solar storm.

Pumping billions of dollars into propping up or even replacing obsolete energy grids and primitive energy technologies is a waste of time and taxpayers money. These ‘UFO’ and human designed technologies should be aggressively developed and implemented with a “do or die” attitude. Then, even if the solar storm does not happen, a rapid global transition to clean, abundant energy will still have been achieved. Without a great sense of urgency, politicians and the energy industry will continue to drag their feet.

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Denver UFO Examiner: UFO technology might shield against ‘solar storm’