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Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Encounters With The Hat Man

George was about 10 years old when a friend’s mother spoke of a vision she’d had. A man with a tall black hat and trench coat approached her in the darkness.
“She referred to him as ‘Death,’” George said. “That was his name for whatever he represented. It wasn’t good.”
The image that story implanted in George’s head manifested itself into his life a few years later.
“I had my own vision of this same man,” George said. “He was pure evil with a very cold deep look in his eyes. I had to rebuke him in the name of Jesus to go away. It was very frightening.”
But it wasn’t until George’s family moved from Alaska to Texas that he discovered he wasn’t the only member of his family who had seen this entity.
“Years later, my mom started to tell me of a vision that had woken her up in the middle of the night of a man standing at the foot of her bed,” he said. “I was in shock. It was so chilling we were talking about the same old man.”
But George had never told his mother of his encounter and he doesn’t want to have another one.
“I haven’t seen him since that one time in Alaska,” George said. “I wonder, what does it mean? Who is this man many people see? Whoever he is he is pure evil and nothing good. Maybe he’s a worker for Satan to test us.”
George and his mother had seen an entity many have dubbed The Hat Man. This being is generally a shadow-black, slightly out-of-proportion, sometimes two-dimensional entity that often wears a trench coat, cape, or long out-of-date suit, and can appear and vanish without a trace.
This usually-threatening entity has been labeled a ghost, a Shadow Person or a demon – such as this explanation from an anonymous reader of “From The Shadows.”
“The men of darkness – or men of old, or men of perdition – do not reveal themselves. They are revealed by another to warn those that they come to discourage of their presence,” Anonymous wrote. “They have no fear of men. They only fear the One that has the power to send them to the abyss before the time. They flee at the mention of the Name that is above all names.”
Denise lounged on the sofa in her grandmother’s house one day when she was 17 and saw something at the window.
“I didn’t care about that because I did think it was just an impression,” she said. But it wasn’t. “I got up and went to the kitchen to drink water and was coming back, and I had the clear impression of a man in the window with a very long hat and a long coat. It was possible even to see the contour of his face, but it was not a human face, (it was) a horrendous one with a bad smile.”
Then the image vanished quickly enough Denise doubted she had seen it – until she spoke with her grandmother and aunt who were chatting in the next room.
“I told my aunt what I saw, it was black, like a shadow, well-defined contours outside of the window,” she said. “It was like he was trying to hear something, you know?”
Both women looked at Denise, terror painting their faces.
“She asked me to describe it,” Denise said. “Both said to me they saw the very same thing.”
Delta Elise, now in her 50s, was 11 or 12 and living in Austin, Texas, when she met the Hat Man.
“I came home after being out running around in the neighborhood with my friends,” she said. “I went to bed very tired and since I was the oldest girl, I got the bigger side of the bedroom with my own bed which faced the window with the curtains.”
As she lie there, looking at the curtains, the curtains moved.
“The top right hand side of the curtains moved aside as if someone was moving it with their hand,” she said. “And then there appeared to me a very tall man in a long black cape or trench coat with what I call a witch’s hat with the top cut off just standing there. Even though his appearance was dark and I couldn’t really see any eyes, I knew it was staring right at me.”
Delta Elise pulled the covers over her eyes and eventually fell asleep, but woke up shaking in fear.
“The house we lived in was definitely haunted but this was the scariest part of living there,” she said. “I always see Shadow People. It never stops and I always feel a presence in my back seat. I also always feel something touching me or calling my name.”
Copyright 2009 by Jason Offutt
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Anonymous said…
That’s creepy! Men-in-Black, Familiar Spirits, The Trickster messing with us? I don’t know…..but The Hat Man sure is creepy!
Thanks for sharing that!
~ Susan

6:52 PM
Mike and Julie said…
The Hat Man sounds like a very scary shadow person. Personally I don’t like them, they give me the creeps. I have seen what I think was a shadow person outside my house, a couple of times, but it moved to quickly for me to be sure. Interesting story.

8:07 PM
Eagle Feather said…
That’s a creepy story. It makes me think of all the creepy things I have seen in my house. I hope you never see the Hat Man again!

9:03 PM
Anonymous said…
My sister and I saw the hat man several times as children in West Virginia. The description of the curtain moving gave me chills, it is so very reminescent of my experience.

7:14 AM
Anonymous said…
kinda funny, one day my hubby told me a about a Colombian ‘saint’ that appears in a shadow with a fadora(sp?)hat, and the myth was he showed up to watch over kids or something like that. Sounds kinda like hat man, lol.

8:27 AM
Anonymous said…
Seen him twice, once in Tx, once in Ok.

8:55 AM
Stephen Cochrane said…
That’s just freaky. I’ve seen things out of the corner of my eye before, but if I ever saw this guy face to face I know I’d never fall asleep again

9:19 AM
Anonymous said…
I saw him 2 years ago, out of the corner of my eyes. He moved from one room of our house and went into a room we use as a spare room. We found out later that our cat had leukemia. Sometimes I think these entities are forerunners for disaster and death.

11:49 AM
Anonymous said…
I never saw the Hatman, but last year there was a shadow person in my bedroom hiding behind the end of the bed – playing hide a seek with me. You can always tell when the shadow people are around. The feeling they bring with them is pure evil. Definitely different from a ‘regular’ ghost.

11:58 AM
Anonymous said…
Baron Samedi?

12:06 PM
Anonymous said…
My retired mother and father moved to small town in western Montana, located in the Flathead Valley back in the early 1990’s, that her father used to live in before he passed away.
My mother and father’s health was not real great at the time, as my father was suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer’s and my mother had her own health issues (both have since passed away, my father in 1992 and my mother in 1996).
One night at around 3am, she awoke in the darkened living room where she had fallen asleep in the couch watching TV, having shut the TV off before falling asleep a few hours earlier.
She was startled and frightened when she awoke to see a man dressed in a black suit, wearing a black derby style hat, with no visible face standing next to the couch starring down at her.
Paralyzed in terror and disbelief, she gazed back thinking she was dreaming or imagining this figure. She said this went on for a minute or two before the figure eventually vanished.
She was still shaken when she told me the story the next day.
Very creepy, I hope to never have such an experience.
She was a braver women than me, I would have been out of there.

12:16 PM
Anonymous said…
I saw him when I was a little girl playing in my house. He was outside the door and he was looking in at me. He had a hat and dark glasses on. I started screaming and my parents ran in but he was gone.

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