Appartion Obscures Face

Photo: Appartion Obscures Face

April 19, 2009– I was taking my family for a walk up up what I believe is called Vault Hill in Picton NSW Australia. To visit the tomb of Henry Antill, one of the earliest and wealthiest settlers to the area who died in 1852. Whilst on our walk my 10 year old son took this photo of me which depicts only my hat since something has entered the frame to obscure my face. Of course, at the time I was aware of nothing.

When we got to the tomb we saw that it had in fact been robbed, probably more than a century ago and one could actually see directly into the tomb at the empty shelves. It was disheartening to see an historical landmark in such disrepair but also a little unsettling to discover this photo later and whatever implications it may suggest. It certainly gave me the shivers….! Please email me with help to reconcile this photo.


Appartion Obscures Face – Coast to Coast AM with George Noory

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