Part 3: Astronomical Information in U.K. 2009 Crop Formations?

© 2009 by Linda Moulton Howe

“In these 2009 progressions of crop patterns so far,
it seems like the circlemakers are describing a combined ‘solar flare
and coronal mass ejection’ on the apogee full Moon
of July 7, 2009.”
– Australian scientist

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May 12, 2009  Wiltshire, England – Between April 14, 2009, and May 10, 2009, eleven crop formations were reported in the yellow, flowering oilseed rape fields of Wiltshire County, England. An Australian scientist and American retired astrophysicist think some of the crop patterns could have astronomical information about a count down to increased solar flare and coronal mass ejection (CME) activity this coming July 2009, from what has been an unusually quiet sun. The Australian scientist, who took an interest in crop formation patterns, embedded astronomical cycles and perhaps mathematical language, has been studying the patterns for about five years now and reports to a small group of us what he analyzes. But to protect his professional work, he requests anonymity.

“Sunburst” April 23, 2009,
Rutland’s Farm Near Avebury

This “sunburst” in yellow, flowering, oilseed rape
was reported April 23, 2009, and was the third oilseed formation near the
ancient stone circles of Avebury since April 14, 2009. Aerial image
© 2009 by Nick Nicholson. Images and information by:

Sixteen “flares” surround the central ring,
of which eleven have curved tips. Preliminary diagram
© 2009 by Andreas Mueller,

The two scientists answered my question about the curved tips in the sunburst pattern in an April 29, 2009, email:  “Those curved tips come about because solar flares grow out of magnetic coronal loops near sunspots. By looking at the loop’s curved tip, you can tell which local direction of magnetic field produced it.”

Australian scientist:  “I think Rutland’s Farm/Avebury is describing an upcoming solar flare,
but we remain unsure when it will be. My hunch would be fairly soon around mid-July 2009,
because the four ‘flares’ shown in the sunburst pattern would lie at high 45-degree latitudes on the
Sun. Hence, they could only arise early in the new Solar Cycle 24, when the first sunspots also appear
at high latitudes. Morgan’s Hill (below) seems to show three lunar cycles from April 25 to July 7, 2009.”

At Morgan’s Hill near Devizes, Wiltshire, this 7-circle triangle in yellow, flowering, oilseed rape
was reported April 24, 2009, the fourth formation since April 14, 2009. Aerial image
© 2009 by Nick Nicholson. Images and information by:

Graphic overlay of Morgan’s Hill aerial by Australian scientist. Aerial image
© 2009 by Nick Nicholson. Images and information by:

Australian scientist: “What could be more clever? The circlemakers tell us about three lunar months, and also tell where they are watching us from, in a single picture!

“In this April 24, 2009, pattern at Morgan’s Hill, the circlemakers have once again used the principle of ‘orbital superposition.’ Any single orbit (say the thin ring shown for our Moon) may be illustrated at several different calendar times, and then all of those orbits (three in this case) will be laid on top of one another – for example, several sheets of clear transparencies, or layers in the modern Photoshop program. That explains why each ‘full Moon’ has been drawn as a completely-lit open circle, rather than as a partially-lit half-circle. Each full-Moon image represents the superposition of three half-lit circles at angles of 0o, 120o or 240o as illuminated by those ‘three Suns.’”

Other past examples of orbital superposition are:  1995 Longwood Warren and 1995 Gander Down. See: Archives.

“Full Moon Counter,” May 9, 2009,
Peaks Down Near Swindon, Wiltshire

Peaks Down and M4 freeway near Swindon, Wiltshire, England, reported on May 9, 2009.
The teardrop-shaped marks in the field near the freeway are tractor turn around points, but might
be why the crop formation was placed in the position it is. Over the past two decades, often
already-existing artifacts in the farm landscape, including burial mounds, have seemed
to be part of a formation’s orientation or design. Aerial image © 2009 by Lucy Pringle.

Could there be an end to our “quiet sun” if a coronal mass ejection (CME),
a big solar flare, projects energetic particles toward Earth on July 7, 2009? Graphic illustrations
above by Australian scientist. Aerial images © 2009 by Russell Stannard.

Australian scientist: “We are studying two new crop patterns from May 9 (Peaks Down near Swindon) and the second pattern at Roundway Hill reported on May 10. Both relate closely to an upcoming solar flare-CME predicted for July 7, 2009.
1. The M4 motorway at Peaks Down, reported on May 9, lines up precisely with sunset on July 7, 2009, at 308 degrees.
2. Strangely enough, the apogee Moon of July 7, labeled above is furthest from Earth and lines up in the field further north around 320 or 330 degrees. This puzzled me, until I realized that our Moon will reach full on July 7 at UT 0920, but apogee 12 hours later at UT 2140, after it sets under the western horizon. When I checked to see what its azimuth would be at 2140, I found 330 degrees (US Navy website, altitude-azimuth Sun-Moon).”

“Double Solar Flares?” May 10, 2009,
Roundway Hill, Near Devizes, Wiltshire

Second pattern at Roundway Hill, Wiltshire, England, reported on May 10, 2009.
Aerial image © 2009 by Lucy Pringle.

Comparison of crop patterns in the April 23, 2009, “sunburst” and May 10, 2009,
“solar flares and coronal mass ejections” compared to Solar and Heliospheric Observatory
(SOHO) images of actual solar flares and coronal mass ejection in previous years.
Graphic produced by Australian scientist.

Australian scientist:  “In these 2009 progressions of crop patterns so far, it seems like the circlemakers are describing a combined ‘solar flare and coronal mass ejection’ on the apogee full Moon of July 7, 2009. The May 9, 2009, pattern at Peak’s Down (apogee-perigee) seems to suggest that several CMEs might pass as close to Earth as lunar orbit.” Environment | Part 3: Astronomical Information in U.K. 2009 Crop Formations?

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