Diane Gallagin talked about her Near-Death-Experience in which she encountered the archangel Michael. Subsequent to this episode, she gained the ability to see and hear spirits.

Joyce Barnette told a touching account of how she and her husband had agreed to communicate with each other from beyond the grave, after one of them passed. At key moments in her life, she saw her husband’s name on a truck and a store sign. Robert Ingram described his life-changing experiences that occurred at a meditation retreat. "My consciousness seemed to be everywhere," and I saw the mechanics of the universe, he shared. Jeremy Beatson and Darrin Pearson both recounted communications with the spirits of deceased relatives and friends.

Lunar Revelations

Last hour guest, paranormal investigator Joshua P. Warren presented his controversial report: Who Lives on the Moon? He discussed Apollo 8 footage which may show an artificial structure on the moon that is 1,000 ft. tall, and suggested there may be an ongoing secret mission in which astronauts are sent back and forth to the Moon, as way of testing their bio-energy fields.


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