Witchstone Associations and Meanings:

Jupiter, Purple Lepidolite:  Jupiter brings good luck, expansiveness, carefree energy, and the gain of money.  It is an overall good sign in a reading.

Saturn, Black Obsidian:  Saturn indicates restriction, obstacles, slowness, and sometimes misfortune.  It is the universal negative sign in a reading.

Mars, Red Jasper:  Mars is a sign of strife and struggle, turmoil, conflict, but also the passion and strength to overcome such things.  It is a mixed sign, possibly indicating the onset of conflict, or that one may gain strength to overcome already-existing conflict.

Venus, Blue Lace Agate:  Venus brings beauty, love, and creativity or artistry.  It is a sign of peaceful creative things in your life.

Mercury, Green Aventurine:  Mercury is an indicator of the gain of knowledge, travel, writing, and communication.  In a reading it may indicate that travel is in the future, or may indicate something pertaining to someone already traveling.  It could indicate that a learning experience is in the future, or the nature of learning already underway.

The Sun, Clear Quartz:  The Sun is the universal positive sign in a reading.  It brings clarity, light, understanding, and joy to a situation.  It may indicate the end of hardship, general good fortune, or an understanding between two parties.

The Moon, Moonstone:  The Moon may indicate journey over water, and also rules feminine matters as well as psychic power.  It may indicate motherhood (one’s mother or the general state of motherhood).  It could indicate that travel over water is in the future, or the state of a current trip.  It may indicate a female person, the state of the feminine side of any issue, or something to do with psychic energy.

Magic, Tiger’s Eye:  The magic stone will always indicate the most important part of any reading.  Where the magic stone falls in relation to the other stones as well as the direction that it is pointing must be taken into consideration.

News Stone, Howlite:  The news stone is an indicator of well….news.  It may indicate that news will be forthcoming about whatever question was asked in the casting (if one was asked), or any other state of news in general.  It is important to note the stones close to the news stone and how they may influence news.  For instance, the sun near the news stone may show that posit9ive news is on the way.  Likewise, the mercury stone may influence the news and indicate that it will be a written communication, which will bring the gain of knowledge.

Home Stone, Petrified wood:  The home stone is representative of a person’s home life, land, or property.  This may have a number of meanings depending on the other stones nearby.

Love Stone, Rose Quartz:  The love stone represents the state of a person[‘s romantic life, interests, or possibilities.  If a question was asked, the love stone may indicate whether or not love will be involved with the situation at all.

Life Stone, Hematite:  This stone represents the state of one’s health, both physical and mental.  Spiritual or psychic health falls more under the ruling of the moon, so if the life and moon stones are within close correspondence, it may be an indicator of psychic or spiritual health rather than physical or mental.  The life stone’s placement may indicate improved health, failing health, or any other health-related possibilities depending upon its relation to the other stones.  This stone will always represent the life of the subject of the reading, not other people related to this subject.

Luck Stone, Speckled Green tree Agate:  This stone is representative of luck, both good and bad.  Luck is a fickle thing, and may be hard to interpret.  It could also indicate that a possibility is not yet decided and may go either way.