1am – 5am ET
10pm – 2am PT

2012/Optimal Health (Tue 09-28)

First Half: Editor and author Robert Gleason talks about nuclear proliferation and 2012 prophecies.

2nd Half: MIT educated chemist Dr. Raymond Francis will discuss why he believes modern medicine’s practice of suppressing symptoms rather than addressing causes is obsolete and contributes to an epidemic of chronic disease.

Full Schedule: Wed 09-29 to Fri 10-01

New Science & Physics (Mon 09-27)

Hosting live from WOR in New York City, George welcomed theoretical physicist and author Dr. Michio Kaku, who discussed a variety of science and physics topics, as well as the kinds of scientific advancements we might expect in the years ahead. With experiments at the Large Hadron Collider at CERN, "we hope to create dark matter," and that would send shock waves throughout the whole physics community, he said.

First hour guest, investigative reporter Greg Hunter offered analysis on the US economy.

Video: Shatner Stole Nimoy's Bike
Video: Shatner Stole Nimoy’s Bike
September 25, 2010
Ian Punnett stumbled upon some funny convention footage of Leonard Nimoy…
Thunderbird Illustration
Thunderbird Illustration
September 25, 2010
’51MIco’ shares this illustration of a thunderbird he saw in a dream.

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    George Noory: Had a great time in NY. This city is vibrant and the staff at WOR is sooo supportive. Off to St. Louis in the am.Then LA soon.
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    The future of air travel is…well, weird: Can you imagine a plane that at a touch of a button becomes entirely t… http://bit.ly/b0JGLG


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