Drama across the worlds



In a remarkable shot caught at the home of a resort manager and his family in York County, Paul believes there is a “world boundary” (the light-like plasma) with the face of a person “from elsewhere or elsewhen” behind it and to the left.


The drama comes from Paul’s belief that the family in the house is the victim of a very clever parasite of a high order. At the same time, Paul felt the strong, positive presence of children in a parallel world at the spot where the photo was taken. He has set out not only to help the family learn to defeat the parasite, but to help protect the children as well.


Paul says, “I’ve had many cases in which parasites seems to be able to reach into several parallel worlds at a time to feed, almost like octopi.”


In the same case, this doll has been caught on video moving, at the apparent behest of the parasite, a number of times.