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Art Bell: Somewhere in Time – Shows – Coast to Coast AM

via Art Bell: Somewhere in Time – Shows – Coast to Coast AM.





Art Bell – Somewhere In Time


Major Ed Dames


Art Bell: Somewhere in Time returned to 8/4/97 when Maj. Ed Dames discussed remote viewing, Roswell, and Project Starman.



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Practical Sigil Magic[1] :: Astrology, Tarot, Numerology & I-Ching.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010 6:12pm PDT

Your Present Hexagram

Truth involves establishing an aware relationship between your inner core and the circumstances in your life. Centering in truth involves the ability to perceive a fundamental wisdom, reflected within yourself and the people you know.

Truth is transformed into power when you dissolve prejudice and make yourself receptive to the world as it really is. Truth’s power can be a remarkable force indeed — yet is rarer than generally imagined. It can be maintained only by cultivating a genuine openness to things as they are — a willingness to see, rather than merely look.

Whenever your inner life is clouded, your influence in the world is under a shadow. If you are fearful, you will be attacked; if you cloak genuine mysteries in dogma, opportunities for new insight will be lost. If you vacillate in upholding your principles, you will be tested. Yet, when you are firm and strong, the power of truth can break through even the most stubborn minds.

In any debate, the power to perceive the truth in the other side’s argument is essential to achieving success. It is possible to influence even the most difficult people, or improve the most difficult circumstance, through the power of universal truth — for unvarnished truth is something to which all things naturally respond. Get in touch with the part of yourself that is aware of this universal force. Cultivate this inner resource, and you will become adept at using it to bond with others to support a common purpose.

The Future of This Situation:

Because your hexagram for the situation or concern you’re wondering about has changing lines, the Oracle has even more insight to give you. Changing Lines are the part of an I-Ching reading that always gives the most powerful advice about a situation because they represent the factors that are causing things to change right now

Prophecy & Current Events – Shows – Coast to Coast AM.

Prophecy & Current Events

Show Audio


George Noory


Patrick Cooke

Theologian, ufologist, and author Patrick Cooke discussed prophecy and how it relates to current events, as well as UFOs, aliens, and various types of paranormal activity. Mayan prophecies don’t speak of an apocalyptic end, but do foretell that our world will join with the Netherworld or spiritual world, he noted. The prophecies from the Book of Revelation are almost exclusively environmental in nature, such as a verse from Revelation 8:8 describing “a great mountain burning with fire” being cast into the sea, turning part of the sea to blood, and ocean life dying. A number of other biblical & Hopi prophecies mention the sea turning black, which could relate to the current Gulf oil spill, he added.

Cooke believes there are also prophecies about global economic control, and that the “mark of the Beast” refers to corporations or big banking cartels taking over the way people can buy or sell. We’re going to see more environmental damage and control over our lives unless we stop the corporations from the direction they’re rapidly moving in, he warned.

The terms angels and aliens can be used synonymously, said Cooke, who also talked about his research into the stone chambers of New England, and crop circles & cattle mutilations. Interestingly, he reported that particles of pure iron are found near the bodies of mutilated cattle as well as at crop circle formation sites. Such particles would be very difficult and expensive to produce, he detailed.


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Bumper music from Wednesday July 07, 2010

1. Midnight Express (The Chase)
Giorgio Moroder
2. Maria Maria
3. Breathe
Faith Hill
4. Isn’t It Time
The Babys
5. Only Time Will Tell
6. Distant Early Warning
7. Love Song
The Cure
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David Bowie
9. Come Together
10. Bur Said
11. Sharp Dressed Man
ZZ Top
12. Beautiful Girl
13. Purple Haze
Jimi Hendrix
14. Frankenstein
Edgar Winter
15. Oh, Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison
16. Inca Dance


Owl crop-circle appears in Wiltshire field

A giant crop circle resembling an owl has appeared in a field in Wiltshire, amid a theory that it is a tribute to Harry Potter’s pet Hedwig.

Published: 11:28AM BST 17 Aug 2009

Hedwig crop circle: Crop circle

Hedwig crop circle: The giant 400ft pattern, the latest in a string of bird-themed designs seen this summer, appeared overnight in a field in Woodborough Hill, Wilts. Photo: M AND Y

The 400ft pattern, the latest in a string of bird-themed designs seen this summer, appeared overnight in a field in Woodborough Hill.

But while crop circle specialists are searching for a meaning, and some are convinced it is a tribute to the teenage wizard.

Steve Killick, a Harry Potter fan, said: "It is very exciting to think that there are fans of Harry from other galaxies.

"Most of the world has fallen in love with Harry Potter so it makes sense that most of the universe will do eventually too."

JK Rowling’s seven-book series on the adventures of wizard-in-training Harry have sold over 400 million copies since the first title was released in 1997.

Pattern expert Karen Alexander dismissed the claims.

She said: "The owl is an ancient symbol of wisdom, so perhaps it is a message to people that we should be thinking deeper about the world around us.

"This is obviously a time of some upheaval in the world so perhaps this is a sign that we should be looking backwards for some wisdom in how to deal with today’s problems, rather than anything to do with Harry Potter."

Crop patterns have caused fresh controversy this summer, after a farmer in Wiltshire fired a shotgun over the heads of circle-spotters last month.

Owl crop-circle appears in Wiltshire field – Telegraph

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Date: 05-13-09

Host: George Noory

Guests: Dr. Larry Dossey, Marla Frees

Medical sage, known for his work on the healing power of prayer, Dr. Larry Dossey discussed premonitions, and how the mind is much more powerful than conventional science reports. Premonitions or forewarnings typically deal with upcoming disastrous incidents or health problems. He cited a case of a mother who dreamt about a chandelier that fell on her baby. Because she acted on the premonition, the child’s life was saved, as the chandelier did end up crashing into the crib.

There could be a genetic component to premonitions, as it protects us from upcoming hazards, and thus fosters survival, he explained. The ability to have these warnings about the future suggests to Dossey that consciousness is not localized strictly within the brain or body, or even aligned to time. One can recognize accurate premonitions by their numinosity, vividness, and whether they are shared by others, he said.

In one 1950 incident, an entire choir avoided a natural gas explosion at their church by all showing up late for practice. Though each member of the choir had mundane reasons for being late, Dossey suspected they stayed away because they had an unconscious linked awareness.

A practice of meditation, as well as keeping a dream diary, can be useful in becoming attuned to premonitions, he noted. The futurist think tank, the Arlington Institute has a project in which people can record their premonitions/intuitions. There is also an online site, GotPsi.Org, which offers online tests of psychic abilities.

A Psychic Medium’s Work

First hour guest, psychic medium Marla Frees talked about her abilities to sense the dead, as well as to communicate with animals. She described being able to recognize impressions as being psychic when she is shown situations that are unrelated to her life or memories. Sometimes structural images will show up in her mind like the negative of a photo, she added.




  • The Power of Premonitions
  • The Extraordinary Healing Power of Ordinary Things

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  • Premonitions – Shows – Coast to Coast AM

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