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George Noory

Linda Godfrey, Open Lines

In the first half of the program, researcher and author Linda Godfrey reported on sightings of an unknown upright-walking canine known as the ‘Manwolf’ or ‘Dogman.’ Witnesses describe these creatures as 5 to 7 feet tall, extremely muscular, covered in fur, with large fangs, the head of a wolf or German Shepherd, and somehow imbued with a special sentience (perhaps as a result of walking on their hind legs). According to Godfrey, every part of the United States has its own version of the creature, but the largest concentration of sightings are around the Great Lakes. In addition, there are what appear to be migratory routes to Oklahoma and some south eastern states, she added.

Godfrey provided details from a recent case that may have involved a canine cryptid. On December 29, 2010, a Quarter Horse was found dead in the driveway of a stable near Deerfield, Wisconsin. The animal suffered a fatal neck wound that looked as though something had taken a single swipe at it and cut the jugular, carotid, and part of the trachea, Godfrey explained. A similar incident occurred only 15 miles away in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where, in 1972, a woman reported seeing a tall hairy humanoid on her property. The creature left claw marks on the side of the woman’s house seven feet above the ground, as well as entered her barn and put a 30-inch gash into a horse’s neck, she noted.

This past October a group of six people ventured to Wisconsin’s infamous Bray Road, where they came face-to-face with the roadway’s namesake beast, Godfrey continued. Four of the six reported seeing two creatures standing 6 to 7 feet tall, moving upright on their hind legs, with canine silhouettes and yellowish eyes, she said. According to the witnesses, as soon as the creatures saw they were being watched they dropped to all fours and ran off into the darkness. Godfrey also shared the case of a fisherman who confronted a walking canine creature on the banks of the Alabama River, as well as the 2006 account of a father and son who encountered a ‘Manbat.’ The flying creature had a 10-ft wingspan, emitted an ear-piercing shriek, and caused the men to become immediately ill, Godfrey revealed.

The remainder of the show was devoted to Open Lines.



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Cross-Eyed Opossum

Cross-Eyed Opossum

A cross-eyed opossum named Heidi has become the Leipzig Zoo’s most famous resident. The two-year-old marsupial shot to fame after being photographed and now has her own stuffed animal, YouTube tribute video, and 50,000 Facebook fans. More info at CBS News.


Ghost to Ghost 2010

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Date: 10-31-10
Host: Art Bell
Guests: Open Lines

Art Bell hosted Ghost to Ghost AM in which he opened the lines to listeners to share their tales of ghostly encounters. A number of callers reported interactions with strange entities — Brian of California saw a being that grew in size, and had a face like a Punch doll, while a caller to the Wild Card line said he witnessed the ghost of a rain-coated girl, who was later seen moving in slow motion. Another listener described a childhood memory of seeing a man in a Santa suit fall down a well in Vallejo, CA. Later he saw a vision of the man floating over his bed telling him to go downstairs to get his Christmas presents. According to the caller’s father, it was unknown where several gifts came from, including an old wooden handmade train.

Greg from Chicago talked about his recent project of photographing the locations where people were murdered, and said at one of the spots “a really weird ghostly…image stain” appeared on his film. Maggie from Arkansas shared an intriguing account of how her deceased best friend made warnings from beyond the grave about her new boyfriend– she literally heard him making remarks about him in her ear. Subsequently, she found out his warnings were true, and dropped the boyfriend.

Delbert, a trucker driving through Amarillo, told of how his wife’s sister died in a car accident. Later, he and his wife were taking care of the sister’s three year-old son at their home in Nebraska, when the door of the room suddenly closed and the temperature “dropped so cold you could see your breath.” The boy said ‘Hi Mommy,’ and seemed to be listening to her. He then said ‘OK Mommy,’ and then ‘Bye Mommy.’ After that, the door swung back open, and the room warmed up “like nothing ever happened.”

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Art’s Webcam 10/31/10
Art's Webcam 10/31/10  

via Ghost to Ghost 2010 – Shows – Coast to Coast AM.



My interpretation to soon follow!
Blessed Be!

Jonathan Buck\’s Cursed Headstone – Photos – Coast to Coast AM

via Jonathan Buck\’s Cursed Headstone – Photos – Coast to Coast AM

Jonathan Buck’s Cursed Headstone


Last night (10/1/10) there was a caller from Maine talking about the Bucksport “boot” on the headstone. He is correct. I also live in Maine and have driven by it many times, especially as a kid when we would drive up to Northern Maine to see my Grandmother.

As the story goes:The grave of Jonathan Buck in Bucksport, Maine has a footprint stain in the tombstone. The tombstone has been replaced many times but the foot always reappears a short time later. Jonathan Buck ordered the death of his mistress, claiming she was a witch. She promised to return and dance on his grave. It is believed to be her foot (and leg) that continues to appear on the tombstone.



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Practical Sigil Magic[1]

Prophecy & Current Events – Shows – Coast to Coast AM.

Prophecy & Current Events

Show Audio


George Noory


Patrick Cooke

Theologian, ufologist, and author Patrick Cooke discussed prophecy and how it relates to current events, as well as UFOs, aliens, and various types of paranormal activity. Mayan prophecies don’t speak of an apocalyptic end, but do foretell that our world will join with the Netherworld or spiritual world, he noted. The prophecies from the Book of Revelation are almost exclusively environmental in nature, such as a verse from Revelation 8:8 describing “a great mountain burning with fire” being cast into the sea, turning part of the sea to blood, and ocean life dying. A number of other biblical & Hopi prophecies mention the sea turning black, which could relate to the current Gulf oil spill, he added.

Cooke believes there are also prophecies about global economic control, and that the “mark of the Beast” refers to corporations or big banking cartels taking over the way people can buy or sell. We’re going to see more environmental damage and control over our lives unless we stop the corporations from the direction they’re rapidly moving in, he warned.

The terms angels and aliens can be used synonymously, said Cooke, who also talked about his research into the stone chambers of New England, and crop circles & cattle mutilations. Interestingly, he reported that particles of pure iron are found near the bodies of mutilated cattle as well as at crop circle formation sites. Such particles would be very difficult and expensive to produce, he detailed.


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Bumper music from Wednesday July 07, 2010

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Giorgio Moroder
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The Babys
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The Cure
8. The Man Who Sold The World
David Bowie
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ZZ Top
12. Beautiful Girl
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Jimi Hendrix
14. Frankenstein
Edgar Winter
15. Oh, Pretty Woman
Roy Orbison
16. Inca Dance

Fra.: Apfelmann
"The Dark Night of the Soul" is the name given to that experience
of spiritual desolation that all students of the Occult pass through
at one time or another. It is sometimes charcterised by feelings that
your occult studies or practises are not taken you anywhere, that the
initial success that one is sometimes granted after a few months of
occult working, has suddenly dried up. There comes a desire to give up
on everything, to abandon exercises and meditation, as nothing seems
to be working. St.John of the Cross. a christian mystic, said of this
experience, that it; "…puts the sensory spiritual appetites to
sleep, deadens them, and deprives them of the ability to find pleasure
in anything. It binds the imagination, and impeeds it from doing
any good discursive work. It makes the memory cease, the intellect
become dark and unable to understand anything, and hence it causes
the will to become arrid and constrained, and all the faculties empty
and useless. And over this hangs a dense and burdensome cloud, which
afflicts the soul, and keeps it withdrawn from the good."
Though the beginner may view the onset of such an experience with
alarm (I know I did), the "Dark Night" is not something bad or destructive.
In one sense it may be seen as a trial, a test by which the
Gods examine our resolve to continue with occult work, and if you are
not completely whole-hearted about your magical studies, it is during
this period (at its beginning) that you will give up. The Dark Night
of the Soul should be welcomed, once recognized for what it is (I
have always received an innate "warning" just before the onset of such
a period), as a person might welcome an operation that will secure
health and wellbeing. St.John of the Cross embraced the soul`s Dark
Night as a Devine Appointment, calling it a period of "sheer grace"
and adding;
"O guiding Night,
O Night more lovely than Dawn,
O Night that has united the lover with his beloved
Transforming the Lover in her Beloved."
When entering the Dark Night one is overcome by a sense of
spiritual dryness and depression. The notion, in some quarters, that
all such experiences should be avoided, for a peaceful existence,
shows up the superficiality of so much of contemporary living. The
Dark Night is a way of bringing the Soul to stillness, so that deep
psychic transformation may take place. All distractions must be set
aside, and it is no good attempting to fight or channel the bursts of
raw energy that from time to time may course through your being. This
inner compulsion to set everything aside results in the outer depression,
when nothing seems to excite.
The only thing to do is obey your inner voice and become still,
waiting for the inner transformation, (which the "Dark Night" heralds),
to take place. You may not be aware for a very long time of the
results of that inner change, but when the desire to work comes again
and the depression lifts, the Dark Night has (for a moment) passed. No
one can help during this time, and in many cases there is hardly
anyone to turn for advice. One must disregard the well-meaning advice
of family and friends to "snap out of it" this is no ordinary depression,
but a deep spiritual experience which only those who have passed
through themselves (in other words to a magical retreat) but for many,
as the routines of everyday life prohibits this, all you can do is
cultivate an inner solitude, a stillness and silence of heart, and
wait, (like a chrysalis waits for the inner changes that will result
in a butterfly) for the Transformation to work itself out. There are
many such "Dark Nights" that the occult seeker must pass through
during the mysterious process of mitigation. They are all trials but
experience teaches one to cope more efficiently.
With fractalic greetings and laughter * Fra.: Apfelmann *

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WordPress Tags: Dark,Soul,Apfelmann,desolation,Occult,feelings,meditation,John,Cross,imagination,memory,intellect,Though,beginner,onset,period,person,operation,health,Devine,Appointment,Dawn,lover,depression,notion,existence,transformation,energy,compulsion,results,moment,cases,advice,friends,words,life,solitude,heart,chrysalis,result,seeker,mitigation,greetings,laughter,students,appetites,distractions

The human mind seeks to create order out of Chaos
It is in the nature of humanity to attempt to formulate laws from experience
as a guide to future action. Acting as a feedback-response
mechanism, the mind considers the results of previous behaviour and
creates laws of action in an attempt to repeat past good results and
avoid bad results. In the individual this is known as personality, in
the communal world it is known as science.

All scientific laws are false
Science attempts to map the universe as a result of previous collective
experience. Since this is limited to what has actually been
experienced so far, it is always inadequate, and since it is not what
has been experienced it is always human-centred. It cannot be objective
because the object does not experience, only the subject, humanity,
experiences. Two approaches have been used to tackle this problem.
The philosophy of the western world posits that an external,
objective world interacts with us through scientific experiment, thus
science creates objectively true laws. Other European philosophy
holds, correctly in my view, that talk of an objective reality is
beyond experience and is thus meaningless babble. Moreover, scientific
experiment is no more objective than a childs attempt to walk. To Know
is not a high ideal, it is an instinct born of our particular way of
survival, and is thus survival-centred. Science is our Elephant Trunk,
our Giraffe Neck, and since it is inherently inadequate, it is a
belief system, a set of interconnected ideas-about-things. In terms of
European, Post-Hegelian philosophy, it is an ideology.

All idealogies are subject to chaotic dissolution
Every idealogy, whether science, Christianity or whatever, seeks to
and succeeds in creating a coherent view of reality that satisfies its
believers. The problem is that there is inevitably a gulf between the
idealogy and reality. Ideologies are fixed; reality is fluid. Thus all
ideologies are subject to readjustment when a new discovery challenges
the existing view. The rediscovery of the Greek text of the New
Testament and the discovery of the non-existence of the Ether each
corroded the existing ideologies of their day.
The Christian world responded with Reformation and Counter-Reformation.
(Historical note: Counter-Reformation was the Reformation of the
Catholic Church rather than an attack on the Protestant Reformation.)
Science responded with Einsteinian relativity. These new elements are
Chaotic. The extent to which the ideology can reform depends on how
deep the Chaotic element bites into the ideological structure. Every
ideology has central tenets upon which the rest depend: so the discovery
that Jesus was actually stoned to death rather than crucified
would cause major rumblings; the discovery that he was a woman would
cause deeper rumblings; but the discovery that he was a spaceman
carrying out a standard sociological experiment would bring down the
ideology entire. Several ideologies have completely collapsed in the
past, such as Ptolomaic astronomy, and it can happen again. Moreover,
the spread of a unified ideology over the whole globe, Western Democracy,
leaves the way open to a bigger collapse than ever before.




There is no such thing as innate value
All present Western ideologies depend upon a concept of innate
worth, whereby certain things are automatically "better" than
others. The White Race, Men, Adults, all have had their "innate"
value knocked for six. Even the Animal Kingdom is no longer seen as
of higher worth than the Vegetable as the spread of the Gaia
hypothesis shows. This is the Chaotic element that can bring down a
whole pack of cards. There is no ethical reference point, no
beginning from which to derive an end to aim for, to praise, to work
towards. As it says in Liber Al: "let there be no difference made
between one thing and another". The result is a confusion of belief
as people scramble to find a new ideology. Fundamentalists choose
deliberate blindness and perverse stupidity. Thelemites choose "pure
will, unassuaged of purpose". Chaoists worship the confusion itself
as the only "true thing" left. Pagans begin to construct a new
ideology based on the absence of heirarchy and turn to cyclical and
egalitarian beliefs. That a new ideology, or many, will arise is
inevitable; even the truth of Chaos is only true to us, in our
experience. But so what. All things considered, I think that things
are going pretty well.


Further readings:
Knowledge and Human Interest, J.Habermas, 1967
Differance, translated as Language and Difference, Derrida, 1959
Anything by Sir Karl Popper for the view from the opposition
With fractalic greetings and laughter * Fra.: Apfelmann *

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