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George Noory

Steve Quayle, Mitch Battros

Author and researcher Steve Quayle riffed on a variety of topics such as giants, weather modification, secret aircraft, biblical prophecy, genetic engineering, the Illuminati agenda, and Planet X. The machinery to affect weather has gotten smaller and cheaper over the years, and there are currently 72 ionospheric heaters, in addition climate-controlling technology like Project HAARP, he outlined. Sightings of silent triangular-shaped craft are on the rise, and a battle in outer space is imminent, said Quayle, naming "extra-dimensionals" and black-ops as some of the participants.

The "super-soldier" program, Stargate technology, and CERN are involved in efforts to re-animate ancient giants, who were some 12-18 ft. height, he declared. "We are experiencing now the full implementation, in my opinion, of the Luciferian war on humanity. We talk about the New World Order, the Illuminati, the International League, but what is the prime directive of all those entities? It’s the destruction of a five and half billion people," he cautioned.

Quayle reported his recent conversation with a "high ranking Goldman Sachs official" who’d visited one of the elite’s underground cities that was being prepared. The official warned him that a "global flu" had already been determined, and a mandatory vaccination will be required, with those who refuse to take it being sent to FEMA camps. On the subject of Planet X, Quayle suggested that we’re already seeing its effects throughout the solar system, and eventually, it will lead to a massive number of simultaneous active volcanoes on Earth.

Bird Die-Off Analysis

First hour guest, earth changes expert Mitch Battros offered analysis of the recent bird die-offs. Their deaths were likely a natural occurrence, he said, which may have been caused by a Dec. 31st geomagnetic sun storm, which sent a plasma pulse to the Earth, possibly resulting in the birds’ disorientation.



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ESP Research Controversy

ESP Research Controversy

Prof. Daryl Bern’s experiments, which show strong evidence for ESP, are being presented in a respected psychology journal later this year. However, advanced copies of the paper are stirring up mixed reactions from psychology professionals. More on the controversy at the New York Times.

Photo of Daryl Bern by Heather Ainsworth for The New York Times


Dancing baby

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Radio Interviews

Red Ice brings you the Alien Interviews:

“Lynn Marzulli returns to the program to discuss his latest title “The Alien Interviews” on UFO’s, Aliens Abductions, Cattle Mutilations and high strangeness. Lynn is the author of “The Nephilim Trilogy, “Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural” joins us to discuss his new book “The Alien Interviews”. Topics Discussed: The Alien End Game, Hypnosis Techniques, Black-Ops, Medical Experimentation, The different races of Aliens, Cattle Mutilation, The Vatican Disclosure, Obama, Obama inaugural UFO Sighting, David Jacobs, Black-Ops, Aliens working with humans, The UK Wind Turbine Incident, Phoenix lights, Men in Black, The Grays and much more.”

Coast to Coast:
Researcher L.A.Marzulli discusses how a recent string of events validates notions of a coming great deception, as foretold in ancient prophecies. He cited the Myanmar cyclone, the Chinese earthquake, and other natural disasters, along with the Middle East tensions as being indicators that we’re living in the time prophesied by Ezekiel, and in the Book of Revelation.

Natural disasters are up more than 400% in the last two decades, he noted. Book of Revelation writes about a one-world government and religion, as well as the mark of the beast. Marzulli suggested that a terrorist attack involving suitcase nukes might be used as a pretext for people to get microchipped for alleged security reasons (the chip would be the mark that is prophesied). 

He believes that a war in the Middle East will be a supernatural trigger, leading to the appearance of huge spaceships (1-3 miles wide) in the skies. The ETs (who are actually fallen angels) will claim to be the progenitors of humankind and religion– but this is the great Luciferian deception, designed to get everyone united in a one-world govt./religion, he detailed.’

The Cursed Radio show:
Discussions on the coming one world government, the Illuminati and the UFO phenomena.
Paranormal Talk:
Continuing discussion on the controversial book, “Politics, Prophecy, & The Supernatural”. Discussions on Biblical prophecy and how it ties in with current events in the Middle East.

The Cursed Radio show:
Speaking about his new book, “The Alien Interviews”, exploring the ongoing UFO/Extraterrestrial presence and his interviews with over 17 people who have had direct contact, with the phenomenon.

Ghostman & Demon Hunter Show:
L.A. Marzulli discusses his NEPHILIM TRILOGY. In a spellbinding trilogy that weaves truth, prophecy, fiction, and the author’s own shocking research, Opens with the discovery of a giant skeleton in Jerusalem, the ancient remains of the offspring of a fallen angel and a human woman Nephilim, and the beginning of a hybrid lineage whose terror is about to be reborn into the modern world.

Murph The Monkey Show:
Well known author and researcher, L.A. Marzulli who has researched the multi-faceted supernatural phenomena regarding UFOs and many of the events and people surrounding this issue.

Beyond Science Podcast:

L.A. Marzulli author of the Nephilim Trilogy. Topics include, the alien Gospel, and the problems in the Middle East. He paints a picture of our near future and it’s not pretty.

PID Radio:
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull IS IT PROPAGANDA when it’s only a movie, and a pretty mediocre one at that? Our guest tonight, Dr. Lynn Marzulli, author of Politics, Prophecy, and the Supernatural, says yes. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull is, in Lynn’s view, a thinly veiled piece of predictive programming intended to prepare us for the forthcoming disclosure event, the revelation that we owe our existence to our “space brothers”. Furthermore, all the world’s religions are based on a flawed creation myth, and now they’ve returned to help us take the next step in our spiritual evolution.

The Strong Delusion:
Marzulli’s new book, Politics, Prophecy and the Supernatural, further expands on his considerable research in the subject of UFOs, Abduction Phenomena, and genetic manipulation from the grounding of solid Biblical prophecy. Marzulli came to know Jesus Christ after the disillusion and deception of New Age spiritualism.

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    UFOs: Breaking the Silence – Shows – Coast to Coast AM

    Coast to Coast AM – UFOs, strange occurrences, life after death and other unexplained phenomena. Overnight talk radio with daytime ratings.

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    July 30, 2010 by Lin EdwardsIt's official: dogs really do imitate their owners


    Image credit: Mdk572, Wikipedia.

    ( — Scientists studying imitative behavior have found that, just like people, dogs learn quickest by automatic imitation. Apart from the budgerigar, this is the first time automatic imitation has been demonstrated in a non-human species.

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    Cancer in Dogs – Information about Cancer in Dogs There is Hope For Your Dog. –

    The researchers from the University of Vienna, Austria, and the University of Oxford in the UK, first trained ten dogs to open a sliding door in a box using either their mouth or paws. They then asked the owners to open the door using either the mouth or hand, and gave the dogs food rewards if they opened the door using the same method (compatible group) or the other method (incompatible group).

    The results showed that the dogs in the compatible group were able to gain the reward much more easily and with fewer trials than those who had to counterimitate their owners. This strongly suggests that dogs, like humans, learn by automatic imitation.

    In a second experiment all the dogs were rewarded if they imitated their owners, and in this case the dogs who had been in the incompatible group fared worse than those in the compatible group, making more errors through counterimitation. The researchers say this suggests the imitation depends on "sensorimotor experience and phylogenetically general mechanisms of associative learning" and that imitation in dogs is shaped more by their interactions with people than by their evolutionary history of domestication.

    All ten dogs were over eight months old and had completed agility, rescue, and obedience training. They were randomly assigned to the two groups, with three border collies, one Australian shepherd and a mixed breed in the compatible group, and four border collies and a mixed breed in the other. The experiments were carried out at the homes of the participants, who all resided in Austria.

    Leader of the team, Dr Friederike Range, from the University of Vienna, said learning by automatic imitation has evolutionary advantages because animals can learn without having to go through a trial and error process, which always carries a risk. She also said the results suggest the dogs brought to the experiment a tendency to automatically imitate their owners, even when it proved costly to do so.

    Scientists are interested in automatic imitation because it is pervasive in human life, where it promotes cooperation, and it is thought to be necessary for imitation learning, which may be crucial for the cultural inheritance of behaviors. The results of the study support a theory of learning that suggests a "mirror neurons" system is involved, and that the capacity to imitate develops as an animal learns and interacts with humans, rather than the ability being present from birth.

    The paper was published in the Proceedings of the Royal Society B and is available online.

    More information: Automatic imitation in dogs, Proceedings of the Royal Society B, Published online before print July 28, 2010,doi:10.1098/rspb.2010.1142

    Windows Live Tags: Edwards,Enlarge,Image,Wikipedia,PhysOrg,Scientists,behavior,Apart,human,species,Google,Cancer,Dogs,Information,Hope,DogCancer,Vienna,Austria,Oxford,door,food,rewards,method,results,interactions,history,obedience,Australian,Leader,team,Friederike,Range,advantages,animals,error,tendency,life,cooperation,inheritance,theory,system,paper,Proceedings,Royal,Automatic,owners,humans,errors,mechanisms,participants,researchers,evolutionary,collies,online

    WordPress Tags: Edwards,Enlarge,Image,Wikipedia,PhysOrg,Scientists,behavior,Apart,human,species,Google,Cancer,Dogs,Information,Hope,DogCancer,Vienna,Austria,Oxford,door,food,rewards,method,results,interactions,history,obedience,Australian,Leader,team,Friederike,Range,advantages,animals,error,tendency,life,cooperation,inheritance,theory,system,paper,Proceedings,Royal,Automatic,owners,humans,errors,mechanisms,participants,researchers,evolutionary,collies,online

    Illinois office workers watch pieces falling off hovering daylight UFO.

    A group of Illinois office workers observed a “copper colored, brightly flashing” object that hovered in the daytime sky while “smaller pieces appeared to be breaking away and falling rapidly” to the ground on July 16, 2010, according to testimony from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

    “It was much brighter than anything I have ever seen in the day light which is what drew my attention,” the reporting witness stated.

    A group of workers assembled outside the building where the object had ascended higher in the sky, but was directly overhead.

    “In a completely cloudless crystal blue background there was no reference for the altitude or size of the object.”

    At this point, the group reports that pieces of the object began to fall off to the ground.

    After 10 or 15 minutes, the witness reports that the object itself began falling toward the ground.

    “You could almost see a tumbling type effect and it began to get substantially larger.”

    One of the witnesses got into a vehicle in an attempt to locate where the object came down, but was unsuccessful.

    The group was also unable to agree on a consistent shape of the object. “As earlier stated, it first appeared oblong, and seemed to change. I believe we were probably seeing it from different angles.”

    The Illinois city was not named in the public portion of the MUFON report. No images were submitted with the report that was filed on July 17, 2010.

    The following is the unedited and as yet uninvestigated report filed with MUFON. Please keep in mind that most UFO reports can be explained as something natural or manmade. If Illinois MUFON State Director Sam Maranto investigates and reports back on this case, I will release an update.

    IL, July 16, 2010 – I saw a very bright object out of my office window. Myself and four co workers ran outside and oserved for fifteen minutes. MUFON Case # 24592.

    At approximately 3p.m. out of my Southeast facing office window I observed a copper colored brightly flashing object larger than a planet and slightly elongated moving into the top of a line of pine trees.

    It was much brighter than anything I have ever seen in the day light which is what drew my attention.

    The object moved laterally to my left behind the tree tops, emerged on the other side, and began a slow vertical ascent. I pointed this out to several co workers.

    My boss also took note of this as a very unusual looking object. He hurried outside to get a closer look, and I followed shortly.

    When I arrived in front of the building in addition to my boss, were two other co workers who were out smoking at the time. All four of us were now oberving the strange object in braod day light. It was not like anything any of us have ever seen.

    In the time it took me to go downstairs and outside, it had risen higher into the sky and was now almost directly over head. In a completely cloudless crystal blue background there was no reference for the altitude or size of the object.

    Smaller pieces appeared to be breaking away and falling rapidly.

    This effect was noticed at least three different times. After approximately ten or fifteen minutes of maintaining a relatively stationery position, it appeared to begin falling. You could almost see a tumbling type effect and it began to get substantially larger.

    At this point I made a run for my phone with the intention of getting a picture. I told another friend of mine in the office about it on the way to my desk. He headed outside while I found my phone. By the time I came back the object had fallen below the tree line although the fifth witness did observe the object before it went out of sight.

    My boss actually jumped in his car and took off in attempt to locate the point of impact. It is tough to estimate how near or far this may have been without the ability to get a feel for the altitude. There is also no way of knowing if the object was purely reflecting light, or giving off it’s own. It was remarkably bright in the light of day, and at no point did it ever go completely dim the way an airplane does when its angle in relation to the sun changes.

    It also lacked a consistent shape. As earlier stated, it first appeared oblong, and seemed to change. I believe we were probably seeing it from different angles. I have not seen any local news coverage so far, and was hoping you have encountered similar reports. I would love an explanation of what this may have been!!

    Support the First Amendment with 1 for All

    by Joy Victory

    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

    Born and raised on the Texas Gulf Coast, I’ve spent the past few months trying to wrap my head around the Deepwater Horizon explosion and subsequent massive oil spill that is now ruining the coastline from Louisiana to Florida. At times, I have to turn off the news, as the images of dying wildlife hit me deep in my gut.

    But now more than ever, this national tragedy has made me grateful for the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. While the oil continues to spew, the media — bloggers included — have been on the frontlines, making sure that Americans and everyone the world over know what is really happening in the Gulf of Mexico.

    The oil spill has also made me realize how fragile this freedom is — as the Associated Press reported, “journalists covering the Gulf of Mexico oil spill have been yelled at, kicked off public beaches and islands and threatened with arrest …”

    Which is why I’m happy to announce that is a proud supporter of the 1 for All campaign that launches today with the simple goal of raising awareness about the First Amendment. We join more than 1,000 media outlets who have partnered with 1 for All, and we have a special connection to the project — their site is hosted on

    Any U.S. resident is welcome to enter their “How Free Can You Be?” contest by submitting photos, videos and stories that illustrate First Amendment liberties. Back here on, please tag any posts you write about this topic with “First Amendment.” And since we know many of you don’t live in the United States, we welcome all readers — regardless of where you live — to discuss civil liberties in your country, as well. Please tag those posts with “human rights.”


    Say we must stop global warming, unnatural insemination

    By Lewis PageGet more from this author

    Posted in Space, 26th November 2009 12:32 GMT

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    A boffin at the Bulgarian national Space Research Institute has stated that not only are aliens living among us, but that they object strongly to "immoral behaviour" by humanity – such as causing global warming. "Unnatural" acts such as use of cosmetics and "artificial insemination" are also frowned upon by the extraterrestrial visitors.

    Luchezar Filipov, deputy head of the space institute at the government’s Bulgarian Academy of Science, made these startling assertions to Bulgarian media earlier this week.



    The Sofia Echo, referencing other local media, quotes the eminent space brainbox as stating that "they [aliens] are here right now, among us" and that the extraterrestrials are "conducting surveillance" and – chillingly – "research" on humanity.

    “They are currently all around us, and are watching us all the time. They are not hostile towards us; rather, they want to help us but we have not grown enough in order to establish direct contact with them," said the Bulgarian boffin, according to Sofia news agency

    Reportedly Filipov and unnamed colleagues have elicited this information by decrypting messages hidden within crop circles. The crop-circle "pictograms" were said to have been a response to questions posed by the Academy scientists.

    Crop-circle comms being unreliable, Filipov apparently feels that future direct contact will come through the medium of "mental power and telepathy". However, some basic themes have apparently been made clear.

    "The aliens are very critical of our immoral behaviour and our destruction of the environment," says Filipov, according to the Echo. "They say that global warming is attributed mainly to infrastructural engineering."

    Presumably the star-travelling aliens have long ago graduated to advanced energy sources such as nuclear fusion or antimatter, and sneer at our pathetic fossil-fuelled civilisation.

    Filipov stated that the alien spies in our midst have other objections to our lifestyle, too.

    "They are very skeptical of our use of cosmetics, and artificial insemination because this is unnatural," he reportedly said.

    There was no word on the aliens’ views on gang-probing of humans abducted as part of their "research" programme.

    Read all about it from the Echo and here and here. ®

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    WordPress Tags: Upgrade,GoodSync,Lewis,Page,author,Space,November,Free,Dell,Management,Console,Bulgarian,Research,Institute,Unnatural,cosmetics,visitors,Luchezar,Filipov,government,Academy,Science,Sofia,Echo,quotes,surveillance,news,agency,colleagues,messages,response,Crop,telepathy,destruction,environment,energy,fusion,fossil,midst,lifestyle,word,gang,Read,systems,assertions,themes,objections,humans,insemination,boffin,aliens,behaviour,novinite

    15:41 16 November 2009 by Paul Marks

    Finding old versions of web pages could become far simpler thanks to a "time-travelling" web browsing technology being pioneered at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico.

    Bookmarking a page takes you to its current version – but earlier ones are harder to find (to see an award-winning 1990s incarnation of, see our gallery of web pages past, right). One option is to visit a resource like the Internet Archive‘s Wayback Machine. There, you key in the URL of the site you want and are confronted with a matrix of years and dates for old pages that have been cached. Or, if you want to check how a Wikipedia page has evolved, you can hit the "history" tab on a page of interest and scroll through in an attempt to find the version of the page on the day you’re interested in.

    It’s a lot of hassle. But it shoudn’t be, says Herbert Van de Sompel, a computer scientist at Los Alamos. "Today we treat the web like a library in which you have to know how to go and search for things. We’ve a better way."

    That "better way" is a system that gives browsers a "time-travel" mode, allowing users to find web pages from particular dates and times without having to navigate through archives.

    Total recall

    Called Memento, the system Van de Sompel is developing alongside colleagues from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia, harnesses a function of the hypertext transfer protocol (HTTP) – the system which underpins the world wide web by defining how web pages are formatted and transmitted from servers to browsers.

    One of HTTP’s standard functions is called content negotiation. This allows one URL to send multiple types of data, depending on the settings of the browser that contacts the URL: for instance, a browser in France accessing a URL may retrieve an HTML page in French, while accessing the same URL from the US may deliver an English version.

    "Your browser does this negotiation all the time, but you don’t notice it," says Van de Sompel. But HTTP content negotiation is not limited to arbitrating between media formats and languages – it can cope with any data type. So the team are adding another dimension to page requests: date and time.

    "In addition to language and media type, we negotiate in time. So Memento asks the server not for today’s version of this page, but how it looked one year ago, for instance," says Van de Sompel.

    Browsing the past

    Memento comprises both server and browser software. On a server running the open-source Apache web system, just four lines of extra code are needed to build in date-and-time negotiation. On the browser, a drop-down menu will let users enter the date and time for which they want to view a page.

    So far, the team has developed a Memento plug-in for the open-source Firefox browser, plus a "hacked" version of Firefox with built-in Memento capability. Web pages need no extra features: the web server just needs to intercept the date-time requests of users. A demonstration of what Memento can do is available for any browser.

    Of course, the whole idea requires website owners to store many more time-stamped versions of their pages than they do now, but the team think Memento will encourage them to do this.

    "I would love to see Memento supported," says Van de Sompel. "It would be such fun to set our browsers back in time and just browse the past."

    Dig deep

    Jakob Voss, a developer with the Common Library Network in Göttingen, Germany, is an early Memento user – and he is already advocating use of Memento for sites with frequently updated pages like Wikipedia.

    "Memento is only a proof of concept but it looks very promising and could be a great enhancement to the web. There is little support in today’s browsers for digging into archives, especially those with dynamic content management systems like wikis and weblogs," Voss says.

    "Tracking versions, and the provenance of web information, is becoming more and more important and Memento could help manage this complex task."

    He’s not alone in that view. Ian Jacobs, a spokesman for the World Wide Web Consortium in Boston, Massachusetts, agrees that "URL persistence" is a valuable aim – and that users should be able to browse the latest version of a page or one on a given date.

    "The browser should allow the user to choose," says Jacobs.

    Van de Sompel is presenting the Memento technology today at a meeting of the National Digital Information Infrastructure and Preservation Program at the Library of Congress in Washington DC

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    WordPress Tags: Time,November,Paul,Marks,technology,Alamos,National,Laboratory,Mexico,version,incarnation,gallery,option,resource,Internet,Archive,Wayback,Machine,matrix,Wikipedia,history,scroll,Herbert,Sompel,computer,library,system,mode,times,Total,Memento,colleagues,Dominion,Norfolk,Virginia,protocol,world,negotiation,data,contacts,instance,France,HTML,French,English,team,dimension,requests,addition,language,server,Apache,code,menu,Firefox,features,needs,demonstration,Jakob,Voss,Common,Network,Göttingen,Germany,user,concept,enhancement,management,provenance,task,Jacobs,spokesman,Wide,Consortium,Boston,Massachusetts,persistence,Digital,Information,Infrastructure,Preservation,Program,Washington,versions,users,languages,owners,systems,browsers,browser


    Snakes on a plane force Qantas to ground flight – Telegraph



    In scenes reminiscent of the 2006 cult film Snakes on a Plane, four of 12 Stimson’s pythons escaped during a two and a half hour flight from Alice Springs to Melbourne.

    On the ground in Melbourne, staff were unable to find the escapees among the luggage in the hold and the aircraft was removed from service.

    Related Articles

    Joe Aston, Qantas spokesman, said the 12 juvenile pythons measured about six inches in length and were travelling in "an appropriate" container. He said it was not clear how the four had escaped.

    "While (the container) was intact on departure (from Alice Springs), it was discovered on arrival that four of those animals had broken free," he told the Australian Associated Press.

    Snake experts said the reptiles had probably slithered into the wamest parts of the plane, such as a motor or heater unti..

    However, the company did not want to run the risk of the snakes reappearing mid-flight, so after establishing that the species was not threatened or endangered, the aircraft was fumigated to kill the four pythons.

    The plane is now back in service.

    Native to the arid and rocky parts of western and central Australia, the Stimson’s python eats its prey whole — and this includes small mammals, birds, frogs and other reptiles.

    The snake, which grows to between 20 and 40 inches, is not venomous.

    They are common as pets and can live for more than 20 years.


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