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Whitley Strieber

Starfire Tor, Joseph P. Farrell

Guest host Whitley Strieber (email) was joined by psi researcher, author, and experiencer, Starfire Tor, who discussed time anomalies as well as her predictions for 2011. Anne Strieber also joined the conversation to discuss a time shift experience that was shared by the Striebers and Tor during a visit to the Magic Castle in Los Angeles.

The trio recounted their experience and explained that, during this particular event, Anne and Tor went to use the ladies’ room at the Magic Castle while Whitley waited outside. Despite the bathroom being empty when they entered it and Whitley outside watching the door, a woman somehow appeared inside the room and exited behind Anne when she left. Recalling the event, an incredulous Anne pondered that "she had not been in there, so how could she have come out of there?" Having investigated the building to make sure that there was no potential for chicanery by the resident magicians, Tor concluded that "the elements of at least two co-existing time lines were edited together." Based on her investigation and documentation of the case as well as the fact that it was experienced by three people, Tor asserted that it is "the most important one that has ever been known to happen."

Tor, who made a number of correct predictions for 2010 such as the plane crash which killed the Polish president as well as the Icelandic volcano eruption, shared some of her precognitive visions for 2011. She predicted that it will be announced that a "new science" has been discovered, which can be used to rebuff incoming objects like meteors or asteroids. According to Tor, this new technology will also be used to restore the ozone layer and cleanse the atmosphere as well. "These are all the strides you can look forward to in 2011," she declared. Additionally, she foresees the status of cetaceans, like whales and dolphins, will change "from animal to non-human person." This change in perspective will constitute an "important step" for humans which will eventually lead to "public ET contact."

Mysterious Animal Deaths

In the first hour, researcher Joseph P. Farrell shared his thoughts on the massive, worldwide wave of bird and fish deaths. He suggested that the events could be caused by either weather manipulation or the testing of electromagnetic technology such as HAARP. Given the variety of species that have been affected, Farrell ruled out biological weapons as a possible cause for the deaths. He also observed that the wave of animal deaths has had a sociological effect, where "it seems to be planting a meme, in the cultural consciousness, of dire apocalyptic things happening."


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Artwork Under the Sea

Artwork Under the Sea

In an effort to draw tourists’ attention away from the endangered reefs of the Caribbean, a Mexico-based artist has created an amazing underwater sculpture garden. Dubbed "The Silent Evolution," the project features a vast array of life-size sculptures created from casts of actual people living in the area. More on the story, including additional photos, here.


Updated: 3 hours 15 minutes ago Print Text Size Print this page|EmailShare on FacebookShare on TwitterShare on DiggShare on LifestreamLee Speigel ContributorAOL News Nov. 1 — Were all familiar with the phrase “the man in the moon,” the idea that the full moon looks like a human face. But what about this far-out notion: Could there be aliens on the moon watching humankind from a relatively close distance?Thats a meaty question that brings out emotional responses from anyone you ask.For decades, researchers have claimed that strange objects have been seen on or above the moon — things that shouldnt be there. From mysterious pyramid shapes to unusual moving lights to tall towerlike objects to geometrically oriented buildings and huge glasslike dome structures, stories and pictures abound claiming that Earths next-door neighbor is loaded with extraterrestrial artifacts.Getty ImagesAre there now or have there ever been aliens on the moon? The debate continues.”What NASA did not tell the American people is that it discovered the remains of an ancient lunar civilization, and to this day, that data and those artifacts have been withheld from the American people,” claims Richard C. Hoagland, founder of The Enterprise Mission, an extensive private space research analysis website.Hoagland, a former NASA consultant and curator of astronomy and space science at the Springfield Science Museum in Springfield, Mass., was also a consultant to CBS News during the Apollo moon missions. He has spent decades looking into what he asserts is the truth about the numerous unmanned spacecraft missions as well as the manned Apollo voyages to the moon 40 years ago.”The orbital photographs show us the scale of ancient ruins on the m

via Some Say Moon Photos Show Signs of Alien Life.


Cette vidéo capture 45 minutes de conversation informelle et pleine d’entrain avec David Wicock dans un restaurantnous nous sommes rejoints. Nous échangeons et comparons les témoignages d’Henry Deacon, pour Project Camelot, et de Daniel, la source (Montauk) de David. Et nous y trouvons des corrélations importantes.

Filmé “live”, avec minimum de montage, si ce n’est pour passer d’une caméra à l’autre, David nous offre ses premières réactions face aux informations qu‘avait récemment obtenu Project Camelot au sujet d’une colonie sur Mars, du programme spatial secret, des missions Apollo et d’autres choses.

Cette entrevue présente de nouvelles informations, que nous pensons entièrement crédibles. Sommes-nous réellement allés sur la Lune en 1969 ? Avons-nous vraiment une base sur Mars ? Pourquoi le programme spatial secret est-il si important ? Quelle relation avec Montauk ? Quelles vérités se cachent dans le film majeur d’Arthur c.Clarke, 2001 ?

Venez-nous rejoindre à cette table de restaurant, ça risque de vous plaire.

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Oct. 21, 2010:  Nearly a year after announcing the discovery of water molecules on the moon, scientists have revealed new data uncovered by NASA‘s Lunar CRater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS, and Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, or LRO—and it’s more than just water.

Moon Water (lcross, 200px)
An artist’s concept of LCROSS approaching the moon in Oct. 2009. [more]

The missions found evidence that lunar soil within shadowy craters is rich in useful materials. Moreover, the moon appears to be chemically active and has a full-fledged water cycle. Scientists also confirmed that ‘moon water’ was in the form of mostly pure ice crystals in some places.

These results are featured in six papers published in the Oct. 22 issue of Science.

The twin impacts of LCROSS and a companion rocket stage in the moon’s Cabeus crater on Oct. 9, 2009, lifted a plume of material that might not have seen direct sunlight for billions of years. As the plume traveled nearly 10 miles above the crater’s rim, instruments aboard LCROSS and LRO made observations of the crater and debris and vapor clouds. After the impacts, grains of mostly pure water ice were lofted into the sunlight in the vacuum of space.

“Seeing mostly pure water ice grains in the plume means water ice was somehow delivered to the moon in the past, or chemical processes have been causing ice to accumulate in large quantities,” said Anthony Colaprete, LCROSS project scientist and principal investigator at NASA’s Ames Research Center.

In addition to water, the plume contained “volatiles.” These are compounds that freeze in the cold lunar craters and vaporize easily when warmed by the sun. The suite of LCROSS and LRO instruments determined as much as 20 percent of the material kicked up by the LCROSS impact was volatiles, including methane, ammonia, hydrogen gas, carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide.

Moon Water (south pole, 550px)
Above: A surface temperature map of the lunar south pole made by LRO’s Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment . The map contains several intensely cold impact craters that could trap water ice and other icy compounds commonly observed in comets. The approximate maximum temperatures at which these compounds would be frozen in place for more than a billion years are noted at right. [larger image]

“The diversity and abundance of volatiles in the plume suggest a variety of sources, like comets and asteroids, and an active water cycle within the lunar shadows,” says Colaprete.

The instruments also discovered relatively large amounts of light metals such as sodium, mercury and possibly even silver. Scientists believe the water and mix of volatiles that LCROSS and LRO detected could be the remnants of a comet impact. According to scientists, these volatile chemical by-products are also evidence of a cycle through which water ice reacts with lunar soil grains.

LRO’s Diviner instrument gathered data on water concentration and temperature measurements, and LRO’s Lunar Exploration Neutron Detector mapped the distribution of hydrogen. This combined data led the science team to conclude the water is not uniformly distributed within the shadowed cold traps, but rather is in pockets, which may also lie outside the shadowed regions.

Moon Water (gun range, 550px)
These experiments at the Ames Vertical Gun Range helped researchers understand the LCROSS impact. Solid impacts send debris to the side (left), whereas hollow impacts result in a high-angle ejecta plume (right). The primary LCROSS impact was an emptied rocket and acted like a hollow projectile. Image credit: Brown University/Peter H. Schultz and Brendan Hermalyn, NASA/Ames Vertical Gun Range. [larger image]

The proportion of volatiles to water in the lunar soil indicates a process called “cold grain chemistry” is taking place. Scientists also theorize this process could take as long as hundreds of thousands of years and may occur on other frigid, airless bodies such as asteroids; the moons of Jupiter and Saturn (including Europa and Enceladus); Mars’ moons; interstellar dust grains floating around other stars and the polar regions of Mercury.

“The observations by the suite of LRO and LCROSS instruments demonstrate the moon has a complex environment that experiences intriguing chemical processes,” said Richard Vondrak, LRO project scientist at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center. “This knowledge can open doors to new areas of research and exploration.”

Moon Water (video, 200px)
Click to view videos of the LCROSS/LRO results.

By understanding the processes and environments that determine where water ice will be, how water was delivered to the moon and its active water cycle, future mission planners might be better able to determine which locations will have easily-accessible water. The existence of mostly pure water ice could mean future human explorers won’t have to devise complicated processes to retrieve water out of the soil in order to use it for valuable life support resources. In addition, an abundant presence of hydrogen gas, ammonia and methane could be exploited to produce fuel.

“NASA has convincingly confirmed the presence of water ice and characterized its patchy distribution in permanently shadowed regions of the moon,” concludes Michael Wargo, chief lunar scientist at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “This major undertaking is the one of many steps NASA has taken to better understand our solar system, its resources, and its origin, evolution, and future.”
Editor: Dr. Tony Phillips | Credit: Science@NASA

More Information
For more information about LCROSS and a complete list of the papers and their authors, visit: more information about the LRO mission, visit:

LCROSS launched with LRO aboard an Atlas V rocket from Cape Canaveral, Fla., on June 18, 2009, and used the Centaur upper stage rocket to create the debris plume. The research was funded by NASA’s Exploration Systems Missions Directorate at the agency’s headquarters. LCROSS was managed by Ames and built by Northrop Grumman in Redondo Beach, Calif. LRO was built and is managed by Goddard.

Date: 10-24-10
Host: George Knapp
Guests: Jacques F. Vallee, Richard Dolan, Bryce Zabel

In the first half of the program, George Knapp was joined by legendary Ufologist Jacques Vallee for a discussion on UFO sightings from biblical-era antiquity through the year 1879. Over the course of the conversation, he also talked about remote viewing and provided his take on the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis (ETH), crash retrievals and disclosure. Contrary to the skeptics who discount ‘classic’ UFO sightings as mere folklore, Vallee declared that the detail and longevity of the cases merit a more serious examination. “For them to have been recorded, the way they were recorded, they had to be felt to be very important to that civilization,” he said. Additionally, Vallee noted that most of the cases come from prominent officials like kings and bishops, since they were often the only people capable of actually documenting and preserving their sightings.

Detailing one of the cases profiled in the book, Vallee described a Chinese UFO sighting from 1277. In this case, the witness described a very bright star that appeared to have a dome above it, moved “in a zigzag, like a dead leaf,” interacted with other flying objects, and disappeared almost instantly. Noting the similarity to contemporary UFO accounts, Vallee said, “I get letters like this from readers of my books today, with almost the same words.” Having examined over 500 cases for his new book, the esteemed researcher confessed that “one of the secret pleasures of working with this material is to look at how people explained it.” To that end, he observed that even during these classic cases, “there was always some ‘wise guy’ in the crowd who had an explanation,” often ascribing a political or religious meaning to the event. “They had all these explanations, just like the Air Force today,” mused Vallee.


In the latter half of the show, Richard Dolan and Bryce Zabel, talked about their new book After Disclosure, which examines what life will be like after the reality of UFOs is revealed. Despite what has been a fruitless, decades-long fight for answers to the UFO enigma, the authors contended that disclosure is an inevitability. “There’s going to be a time, a day, a moment, an event,” Dolan said, “something in which the ‘powers that be’ are forced to make the decision to disclose.” From there, Zabel surmised, “when they do decide they have to give it up, because events are spinning out of their own control, they’ll try to manage it, even as it goes public.” Having looked at the various possible scenarios where UFO disclosure becomes such a necessity, they determined that an incontrovertible, mass UFO sighting recorded by modern technology would be the most likely event.

Detailing how they think UFO disclosure would unfold, the authors speculated that the announcement may occur on a Friday afternoon. They theorized that this timing would be used to off-set a potentially catastrophic stock market reaction and to also allow for the general public to use the weekend to digest the stunning news. The duo traced the disclosure announcement from the first day, which they foresee as a time of confusion and potential panic, to the first week, when people would begin asking questions about why and how this news remained secret for so long. This call for accountability, they said, would result in a paradoxical relationship between society and the media, military, and government, where they would be blamed for “missing” the story but also looked to for answers and protection. Ultimately, Zabel and Dolan put forward the idea that, while the first post-disclosure year would be “a bumpy ride,” society will eventually stabilize as it becomes acclimated to the new world that has emerged from beneath the veil of secrecy.



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Knapp’s News 10/24/10

Knapp's News 10/24/10A number of items have recently caught George Knapp’s attention, including articles on animals with the longest lifespans, a court victory for brainwash victims, and a piece claiming that UFO disclosure has actually already happened:

Thanks to Bob K. for providing the image for this week’s Knapp’s News.

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George Noory

Stan Deyo, Holly Drennan Deyo, John Austin

Physicist and author Stan Deyo discussed such topics as earthquake swarms, Planet X, solar flares, UFO technology, and biblical prophecy. A comet or other body with an egg-shaped orbit might account for a ‘Planet X’ that cyclically approaches Earth, he said, adding that something is perturbing the orbits of Neptune and Uranus. Holly Deyo joined the conversation, and gave statistics about quake swarms in Arkansas, Oklahoma, California, and Baja, Mexico, as well as Saudi Arabia, where some 30,000 aftershocks have taken place in a volcanically active area.

Stan Deyo reported that the Hopi are preparing for extreme solar activity that will burn grass and trees, by building underground facilities. Solar flares will cause major disruptions including severe weather and food shortages, he suggested. Regarding UFO designs, he described how small craft can be linked together to form a triangular section, and then a fake skin can be drawn over them to create the illusion of a gigantic mile-wide spaceship.

Deyo shared his belief that the New World Order is stepping up its plans, and that after America’s infrastructure fails, the country will be attacked by a Russian/Chinese invasion. He also predicted that Damascus, Syria will be wiped out in the near future, triggering a global war. Citing biblical prophecy, he further warned that a great deception will fool people into accepting an alien god, in tandem with the arrival of the Antichrist. For more, see this special page the Deyos set up.

All About Zombies

First hour guest, John Austin talked about zombies, and his handbook for the ‘undead,’ which features illustrations and diagrams. According to pop culture lore, there are three types of zombies, he said: the walking undead (reanimated people on the hunt for human brains), ragers (humans infected with rabies), and the supernatural (such as mummies guarding treasures). While these types of zombies are the stuff of science-fiction and horror, it’s possible genetic or viral experiments could go awry and lead to a "serious problem," Austin noted.



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Stan Deyo Illustrations

Stan Deyo IllustrationsStan Deyo Illustrations

Stan Deyo sent us a couple illustrations from his book, Cosmic Conspiracy, to accompany hispresentation. The first is of a ‘mothership’– huge in size, it would have a psychological impact as it hovered over cities. The second image depicts smaller scout ships. More here.

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UFO Forces Closure of Chinese Airport | LiveScience Etc.

via UFO Forces Closure of Chinese Airport | LiveScience Etc..

UFO Forces Closure of Chinese Airport

Submitted by LiveScience Staff

posted: 05 October 2010 12:20 pm ET

They’re baaaaaack! A Chinese airport reportedly had to divert passenger jets to prevent them from colliding with a UFO earlier this month.

The airport in Baotou, Inner Mongolia kept three flights from Shangai and Beijing circling overhead and shut down for an hour on Sept. 11 until the mysterious bright lights had vanished.

This marks the eighth reported UFO sighting in China since June, according to The Daily Telegraph. But officials admitted military tests accounting for at least several of the cases.

China has not been alone in experiencing mysterious, sometimes unexplained UFO phenomena. A press event took place late last month where former U.S. military airmen claimed that UFOs had somehow disabled nuclear missiles at U.S. and British silos.

As with any good sighting, there’s some video footage available where you can see … not much of anything at all. Still, that doesn’t mean nothing was there – air traffic controllers spotted the UFO on their radar screens, according to ANI.


View Web Link Read full story at The Daily Telegraph

Quote of the Day:
Everything that can be invented has been invented.
–Charles H. Duell

Jeff Peckman

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Denver UFO Examiner

UFO technology might shield against ‘solar storm’

April 4, 10:27 PM · 6 comments

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UFO technology might provide the best shield for Earth against a devastating solar storm. The potential death of millions of Americans alone from severe space weather was predicted in the March 23, 2009 New Scientist article, Space storm alert: 90 seconds from catastrophe”. This kind of electromagnetic storm could happen as early as 2012. It would likely be catastrophic for the major power grids and everything connected to them.

One way to prevent this catastrophe might be found in technologies used by extraterrestrial vehicles (UFOs). These vehicles are assumed to use zero point energy and other advanced technologies. These technologies are known to draw unlimited free energy from the quantum vacuum. By drawing from the quantum vacuum, they might also be super-conductive.

A unique feature of super-conductive materials is called the Meissner Effect. “The Meissner effect (also known as the Meissner-Ochsenfeld effect) is the expulsion of a magnetic field from a superconductor.” – Wikepedia.  It can also can be seen at work in ’levitation’ (see second photo), which might also come into play with UFOs.

The Meissner effect is known to occur at super-cooled levels. But ‘room temperature’ superconductors are being developed. This means the Meissner effect might also occur with room temperature super-conducting materials used in advanced clean energy technologies. The combination of the Meissner effect with these special materials and the clean energy devices using them, might be the ultimate key to protecting Earth against a devastating solar storm by expulsion of the magnetic interference.

Whistleblowers with the Disclosure Project have already confirmed the existence of zero point energy technology that has been back-engineered from crashed UFOs. The technology, they say, is being kept from the public by the military and by government contractors. One of the main goals of the X-Conference 2009 is to compel government officials to release UFO ‘X-files’ on energy technologies of extraterrestrial origin. The conference will be held at the Gaithersburg, MD Hilton from April 17-19.

It does not matter if the super-conducting materials and clean energy technologies come from humans, like Tesla, or extraterrestrials. Projects are already underway to bring these technologies to market within 1-3 years. This could happen even under normal circumstances with adequate funding. But if the projects are fast-tracked and on a scale that America uses for war, the technologies could reach the market within months.

A couple of related articles (below) have referred to this prediction of global catastrophe by suggesting the immediate development and application of advanced clean energy technologies. They propose that these technologies can supply energy to buildings without connecting to major power grids. But getting “off-the-grid” is only part of the solution.

Clean energy supplied by wind and solar through the major power grids would be as vulnerable to disruption by a solar storm as energy based on dirty fossil fuels or nuclear power. Even renewable energy sources that are “off-the-grid” and serving individual buildings would not be immune to disruption.

Time is of the essence. The immediate objective should be to apply the Meissner effect to zero point energy technologies using room temperature super-conducting materials. The benefit of this kind of global clean energy revolution might just save the planet during a massive solar storm.

Pumping billions of dollars into propping up or even replacing obsolete energy grids and primitive energy technologies is a waste of time and taxpayers money. These ‘UFO’ and human designed technologies should be aggressively developed and implemented with a “do or die” attitude. Then, even if the solar storm does not happen, a rapid global transition to clean, abundant energy will still have been achieved. Without a great sense of urgency, politicians and the energy industry will continue to drag their feet.

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2012 may bring the “perfect storm” – solar flares, systems collapse

Electrical power grid to be blasted by 2012 solar storms

CEO of NASA contractor Lockheed knew of extraterrestrial UFO visitors

For more information:

X-Conference 2009

1 John 3:16“This is how we know what love is: Jesus Christ laid down his life for us. And we ought to lay down our lives for our brothers.”

Brought to you by Copyright (C) NIV. All Rights Reserved.

Denver UFO Examiner: UFO technology might shield against ‘solar storm’


I was sitting on my patio drinking a cup of coffee when I saw a light in the sky, At first I thought it was a search light bouncing off of the clouds. the light did not move for about 3 or 4 minutes, so I became suspicious and took a look through my binoculars. I saw a disk shaped object, round on the bottom and top, with a light streaming from the top. I got my camera and took a picture of the object.
After about 20 seconds, the object went up and to the southwest and disappeared. There was no noise what so ever. Approximately 1 minute later, a helicopter flew over. The time was approximately 11:00pm Thursday night [3-26-09],and the location was east of San Diego. Note: the object is at the top of the pic, and to the right. It was brighter to the eye than it looks in the pic.
–Isadore Ellis


Florida UFO reports on the rise

March 25, 9:22 PM · 4 comments

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LOOKING BACK: See Florida case from June 10, 2008 below.

Florida witnesses reported nine UFO incidents over 12 days, including one triangular-shaped low fly, one large UFO followed by three smaller ones, a spherical object moving below a passenger jet, bright spirals of light, and four reports of multiple orange lights in the sky.

A March 23 report included details that a UFO in a triangle shape with eight lights was low flying near the witness.

On March 12, one very large UFO with three smaller objects nearby was spotted by a witness who was driving along I-95 toward Orlando with "different colors and different lighting patterns underneath."

A passenger aboard Air Tran flight 823 in final descent on March 14 over Orlando looked out the window and saw a "small, dull silver colored spherical object" in the air below the plane and moving in the opposite direction.

Read about these and more Flordia reports below. Following are the unedited witness reports from the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) database.

March 23, 2009 – Saw a diamond shape craft with 8 lights hovering.

I was driving home from work and saw out of the corner of my eye a low flying craft. I turned my head quick to look at it thinking that I was going to see a plane crash and noticed that it was not an airplane. I was just east of WalMart on highway 98 in Gulf Breeze, Florida. The craft was hovering just above the trees maybe 50 yards away from me. I was so startled that I had to pull off the side of the road. I watched it for about 3 minutes. It had eight lights. They were shaped like a diamond. Four lights made up a small diamond that was surrounded by four more lights that made up a bigger diamond around it. It just hovered there in the sky not moving. I also noticed that it was not making any noise. I had the windows down in my car and I could not hear anything. After a few minutes it just diappeared. I thought that maybe I had blinked and missed it, but I could not find it anywhere in the sky. I know that it was definitely not any kind of airplane that I had ever seen or heard of before.

March 12, 2009 – one larger ufo with three smaller ufos about 1/4 mile in front

i was headed down interstate 95 towards orlando when i saw a large craft just sitting in the sky with different colors and different lighting patterns underneath. i scanned the sky to see if there were more. i then saw three seperate small lights/orbs . the fronts of these three circles starting pulsating and reminded me of a jellyfish. the highway was loaded with cars and yet nobody slowed down or stopped (myself included) to get a better look or take pictures. my thoughts were, this was some kind of stunt because the large ship reminded me of an episode of star trek classic where a klingon or was it romulan vessel decloaked,and that is what this circle (underneath) looked like. i just kept driving down interstate 95.

March 14, 2009 – Saw small spherical orb-shaped UFO while coming in for landing at Orlando International Airport on Air Tran flight 823

I was flying from Chicago to Orlando, FL on March 14, 2009 on Air Tran flight 823. During our final descent I noticed a small, dull silver colored spherical orb in the air below the plane on the left. The object caught my eye because of its gray color and perfectly round shape. The object was at less than half the altitude of the plane. I noticed it, saw it disappear behind the wing and reappear on the other side before leaving my range of sight out of the plane’s window. The object was moving in the opposite direction of our plane, slightly faster than our plane’s speed. At first I thought it was a power line with some sort of identifying object, but saw no other orbs or power lines. My next thought was that it was a bird, but I later saw a bird flying below our plane. The bird was traveling in the same direction and at approximately the same altitude as the object and it was easily recognizable as a bird. After the sighting I tried to explain to myself what I had seen, but no explanation came to mind. Later seeing a bird which looked very different confirmed that I had seen something unusual and unexplainable. The object was definitely in the air and looked unusual enough for me to want to report it.

March 17, 2009 – Lights would appear then separate into two to three lights then fade out.

While staying at St. George Island Fl. Each night about 9pm while watching the stars we started to see orange lights appear. Sometimes the lights would split into two, one traveling east and climbing to a higher altitude then disapearing while the other staied fixed on the horizon and disapearing at the same time the other one did. Sometimes the lites would apear and then fade out. On several occasion we would hear jets flying out over head. Knowing of the Air Force bases close by we didn’t know if there were military excersizes out over the gulf or were they chasing the lights. The lights looked like orange flares but traveled horazontaly and climbed never falling to earth as flares do.

March 23, 2009 – Spiral of lights glowing at 1-3 sec durations with lights brightening and dimmming from tail to center.

I was sitting on my back porch, which faces east, at my home on Nine Mile Road and Ashland Rd. in Pensacola, FL. A Navy base and a regional airport are located near my home. Airline and Helicopter traffic at night is common in the eastern pensacola sky.
At approx 8:30pm
A "spiral", for lack of better term, of lights began glowing a very bright red-orange in the east sky. This was not a helicopter or plane. It would glow for approx 1 – 4 sec then fade out from tail to the center of the "spiral".
I called into the house for my wife to come out and see, which she did.
The event lasted for approx 3 mins. with 10 – 30 secs in between appearances of the "spiral" in different configurations and also bouncing left and right in the sky from one appearance to another.

March 23, 2009 – Sighted object coming home from Pensacola Beach going home in Gulf Breeze.

Coming home from Pensacola beach, I spotted three lights in a row. The object seemed to turn and then it appeared to be triangular with more lights. The lights would stay on 3-4 seconds and then disappear. The object did not appear to be moving, so I assumed it was not an airplane or helicopter. I kept watching as we were driving accross the bridge and the object did not appear to move. I wached the lights go on and off in the same pattern at least 4-5 times. As we reached the end of the bridge and turned on HWY 98 toward Navarre, we looked to our left and the same lights and pattern appeared on the left side of HWY 98 totally opposite the side of the road we had seen it before. This time it seemed to be moving back accross HWY 98 back toward the water. It moved across, in front, above us, and lower behind trees. We were in a Jeep with no windows, but heard no noise what so ever. After arriving home in Midway, we looked in the sky and could see what seemed to be puffy small smoke-like clouds above us, but the rest of the sky was totally clear. Shortly afterwards we saw and heard several military helicopters going toward where we last saw the object. We were totally amazed as we continued to rule out the possibility of planes, copters, flares, ect. We came to the conclusion there was nothing we knew that could exhibit such unusual patterns of movement and light display.

March 23, 2009 – Red-orange floating dots.

in washington highschool in pensacola florida a fire alarm went off with out cause causing many people to come out. now it was around 8:30 so there wasnt very many people in the school other than janitors and orchestra practice students. when every one was out side we heard emergency response vehicles coming toward us but they circled around us torward the airport which was very strange, we were sure they were coming in response to the fire alarm. we looked toward the airport and saw orange red lights that would appear for about 4 seconds and dissapear and appear to the right about 10 – 30 seconds later. it did this about two times when a helicopter over passed us extremely close to the ground for just a helicopter to be flying around. the helicopter made a L shaped turn towards the lights.the lights appeared and dissapeared about 8 times.the helicopter then went around the area we first saw the lights.then about 2-3 min later we were facing the complete opposite direction, 180 degrees the other way and we saw the lights appear and reappear about twice and stopped for the rest of the night. pretty soon after words there was about 3-5 helicopters flying around all of the areas we had just sighted the flying dots. this was all in pensacola florida.right after the fire alarm went off, we heard a loud bass sound for about 30 second to a minute. after the dots dissapeared a large cloud seemed to cover that area.

March 23, 2009 – Red lights in the night sky.

Just over Cordova Mall near the Pensacola Airport, about four or five red lights appeared in the night sky after a fire alarm went off at Washington High School. Several people exited the building and noticed the lights in the sky.
Shortly after, several helicopters and emergency sirens could be heard in the area, but not sure if they were responding to the lights.
The lights faded out, then reappear in random locations in the sky several (more than five) times.
My son caught it on his phone camera, so it’s kind of hard to see. At about the middle of the video you can make out a light at the center of the screen. They were joking about what they thought they might be seeing, but then quickly got excited and nervous at the thought that it really could be a UFO. The ringing noise on the video is the fire alarm from the school, but the kids say that they heard a low pitch noise–a "boom"–that continued to hum for about a minute after.
We contacted local media and authorities, but no one seems to be able to explain it.

March 23, 2009 – Thought they were fireworks!

My brother and I were riding in the car and we saw what looked like very low flying planes, until it disappeared and reappeared. There were 5 lights that would fade and disappear and then reappear and stay lit for about 5 seconds and disappear again. This continued on and we tried to follow it (heading south on Log Lake Rd. until we got to Guest? Lake) to find out what the lights were. We stopped at a good place to view the lights in front of a house where the residents were looking at the lights, too. The round lights were about the color of the orange-yellow of common street lamps and we decided they weren’t fireworks, flares, helicopters, or airplanes. We live very close to Eglin AFB’s and Duke Field’s outlying land. I took my brother home (the opposite way we were following the phenomena) and when I came back to jump on the interstate (I-10), there were several emergency response teams coming from that way. I couldn’t make out what types of response vehicles they were, though. It’s a SUPER rural area, so there’s nothing back there for 6 or 7 such vehicles to come from. There was no sound with this…happening. Bizarre!

Florida, June 10, 2008 – UFO caught while taking photos of the moon

I took a picture of the moon on a cloudy night sky and again after tweaking the setting on the camera.

Days later I downloaded the photos to my laptop to see what looks like an UFO is on the first (cloudy) photo to the lower right side.

UFO Examiner: Florida UFO reports on the rise

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